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‘LMAOO THE XL VEST IS SO REAL they got me looking crazy’: Walmart worker says job did not supply the right size

'I could have a good fit on and with the vest I look like I’m dressed in my mom's clothes.'


Phil West


Posted on May 23, 2023

One Walmart worker who seems to be straight up not having a good time at his current job lists a few different reasons why — but getting the wrong size of vest is an especially relatable detail that is sending some people.

The TikTok video in question comes from creator Geovanie (@geovaniethereal), who has a short video in which he’s wearing a mask and looking at the camera, making various hand gestures to accompany the voice saying, “Please … I don’t need this … peace out.”

@geovaniethereal friendly reminder: don’t work at walmart!😁 #fyp #foryoupage #iatemyfish #aliceinyodieland #sendhelportacos #donottrythisathome #dorathedrunkexplorer ♬ ok – 🫡

The on-screen caption reads, “When they’re starting to cut your hours, new ppl are getting hired, they totally dodged your availability and made it their own, XL vest when it’s supposed to be M,” and then the poop emoji before the word “pay.”

The accompanying caption reads, “Friendly reminder: don’t work at Walmart!”

But it’s the worker’s XL Walmart vest detail that commenters found particularly hilarious.

“LMAOO THE XL VEST IS SO REAL they got me looking crazy,” one remarked.

The creator responded, “got me in a dress n shii.”

That led another commenter to answer, “I could have a good fit on and with the vest I look like I’m dressed in my mom’s clothes.”

Geovanie came back in to reveal, “The vest falls off my shoulders and it gets annoying,” and “They still haven’t gave me the medium size after four months.”

The worker’s Walmart vest wasn’t the only detail commenters glommed on to, however. A number of viewers discussed being overworked and underpaid by the corporation.

“Literally just quit from Walmart today talking about everyone needs to work each weekend and twice as much work smhb,” one revealed.

Another indicated, “Might get fired tmrw!! I alr got talked to about my absences and I haven’t went to work in 4 days!!”

A commenter also co-signed the “hiring new people” complaint, saying, “My walmart is cutting out hrs too bc they are hiring new ppl like noooo.”

But according to one worker, it’s not just Walmart doing this. “This is Marshalls for me,” they said, noting, “they keep hiring new people and giving people less hours.”

Another person shared a different kind of tension, saying their Walmart location was constantly understaffed. “Is every Walmart doing this?? Except mine is firing people and keep us constantly understaffed when we’re the busiest store in our region.”

But it was mostly the Walmart worker’s vest and attire that caught the attention of commenters.

One, picking up on the gray hoodie under the jumbo vest, quipped, “Remember no hoods or you’re violating dress code.”

The creator replied, “Fuck the dress code.”

“Wrong sized uniform is so real,” commiserated another comment.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Geovanie via TikTok comment and to a Walmart rep via email.

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*First Published: May 23, 2023, 5:58 pm CDT