Walmart worker gives 2 weeks notice, boss asks her to stay—then replaces her locker

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‘Am I fired or am I not bro?’: Walmart worker gives 2 weeks’ notice, boss asks her to stay—then replaces her locker

‘GIRL, I would’ve walked out.’


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A Walmart worker’s storytime TikTok video has gone viral after she shared a frustrating experience with her boss that occurred after she gave her two weeks’ notice.

On April 8, TikTok user Alanah (@kyfriedcooch) posted a video that has since been viewed more than 208,600 times. 

@kyfriedcooch Like why did they gaslight me?? 😭 we had new hires she just gave it away #job #storytime #fired @walmart ♬ original sound – Alanah

In the video, she explains that she had given her two weeks’ notice at her job at Walmart because she received an offer for a long vacation and knew she couldn’t get the days off. However, instead of accepting the two-week notice, Alanah’s manager and store coach convinced her to stay, telling her she should’ve just asked for time off.

According to Alanah, despite them telling her they want her to stay, the relationship between her and the store coach quickly soured, as the store coach allegedly told her, “Yeah, I was in a good mood today. Because if I wasn’t, I would have just told you to fucking leave.”

The next day, Alanah was reportedly told to come in early, only to find out she was locked out of her locker and that the locker had been given to a different employee. Alanah says she couldn’t receive a straight answer about what transpired and claims she’s been “gaslit” by the store coach and management, leading her to believe she’s going to get fired.

The video has sparked a discussion in the comment section with many viewers expressing outrage at the way the TikToker has been treated.

“GIRL, I would’ve walked out when the Manager said: ‘You’re lucky I’m in a good mood’,” one commenter said.

Another commenter advised Alanah, saying: “Let them fire you and collect unemployment.”

“Walmart is the most unprofessional place I’ve ever worked, I thought it was just my location,” a third commenter remarked.

Alanah recently posted a follow-up TikTok, letting the viewers know she’s decided to quit the job. In the video, she also clarified why she initially put in a two weeks’ notice instead of just leaving. She said: “I realized It’s actually really fucking hard to find employment (…) so I just wanted to make sure I would have the opportunity to come back later if I needed to do that.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alanah via TikTok direct messages and to Walmart via their media relations contact form.

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