receipt-checker at walmart with caption 'when ythey think you stealing from walmart!'


‘I will never give them my receipt. I only show receipts at Costco’: Walmart shopper makes receipt-checker keep his receipt

‘I rip my receipt into pieces, then give it to them.’


Braden Bjella


A standard part of the Walmart shopping experience is having someone near the exit check your receipt. While the goal of this is to reduce theft and ensure customers actually have all of their purchases, many are resistant to engaging in the practice.

For example, one customer shared that they were locked inside the store after not showing a receipt. Another simply told a worker that they refused to show their receipt. A further shopper, this time at Costco, even developed a method for avoiding receipt checkers that involved scanning the receipt before throwing it away.

Some acts of resistance are simpler, such as the one shown in this recent video from TikTok user Landoe (@landoe).

@landoe When they think you stealing from Walmart! 😑😆 #fyp ♬ original sound – Landoe

In a video with over 116,000 views, Landoe shows himself handing a receipt to a worker, then continuing onwards. 

“You can keep ‘em!” he yells as he departs.

In the comments section, many users admitted they were similarly hesitant to allow employees to check their receipts.

“I will never give them my receipt,” declared a user. “I only show receipts at Costco.”

“I rip my receipt into pieces, then give it to them,” added another.

“Haha I do this all the time,” shared a third. “My car has enough garbage receipts don’t need another !!”

However, others questioned why some were so reluctant to show employees their receipts.

“Y’all that’s just their job, they get paid to do it,” wrote a commenter. “They not tryna harm y’all. Working at walmart. Y’all think we chose what we do. Allow us to work.”

“If you didn’t steal,then you shouldn’t have problem showing your receipt,” offered a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Landoe via Instagram direct message and Walmart via media relations contact form.

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