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‘I’m literally shaking mad’: Single mom says Walmart delivery driver stole half her order—including autistic son’s Lunchables

'Possible they just missed a bag or two...?'


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Posted on Jan 18, 2024   Updated on Jan 18, 2024, 10:32 am CST

A single mom went on a diatribe against a Walmart delivery driver she accused of stealing her groceries after she noticed half of her order was missing, including melatonin and Lunchables for her autistic son.

Kat (@katdaddykatt) uploaded a TikTok video rant that divided viewers in the comments section of her clip. While many people felt for her struggle, several folks suggested she get her groceries herself instead of relying on the work of delivery drivers to ensure that both she and her children were fed.

Kat begins her video by giving a “big f*ck you” to the “piece of sh*t” Walmart delivery driver in Nashville who is the unfortunate subject of her video. She says that as a single mom who works a “sh*t ton of hours,” she doesn’t have time to get to the grocery store.

It’s part of her weekly routine to place an order for groceries after her paycheck hits on Thursday night to arrive at her home on Friday after she returns from work. It’s a well-oiled machine: Saturdays are when she preps her meals for her kids so that they can have food for the week, so having that food come in early Friday evening is imperative for the successful operation of her home management workflow.

“I literally do not have time to go to the store,” she stresses to the camera in her video and goes on to say that while she’s had issues with deliveries in the past where “one or two items” will be missing, she ultimately says that these occurrences are not a big deal. However, she has a message for the most recent delivery driver who handled one of her orders and it’s: “f*ck you.”

“When you leave off half of my f*cking order and say it’s delivered—f*ck you. I’m not stupid. I understand times are tough. I literally just made a f*cking video about it, times are f*cking tough, but they’re not just tough for you, OK? They’re tough for everybody.”

The worst part, Kat says, is that it appears the driver intentionally took items that are clearly manufactured for children. “And you just took my motherf*cking groceries like it was nothing. And not only that, but you took the things specifically, you knew that they were specifically for f*cking children. If you’re gonna take the milk, take the f*cking cereal. OK? But pull-ups? The melatonin? Lunchables?”

Kat then explains that the several missing Lunchables and diapers posed a major problem for her and her son. “Because my autistic son freaks the f*ck out about Lunchables on a daily basis,” she says. “The melatonin is to help this motherf*cker sleep because we go to bed at 7, and we don’t go to sleep till 4am. Do you understand? And his Pull-Ups? Dude’s potty trained. I don’t care about it during the day but at night time? Yeah, we have not mastered that one yet.”

She then notes the other missing items from her delivery. “It’s not even that, it’s the ground beef. Like you took the salad, the lettuce, the things that I actually needed to complete the meals,” she says. “You delivered sh*t that I can’t do anything with. I can’t do anything with.”

She says that while the person who worked for Walmart’s customer service to help her out with the issue was “very nice” which prompted Kat to “take a step back” and thank her for the assistance, she was still left stuck dealing with a situation that was less than ideal. “This was food specifically that my autistic son needs and this was my grocery money for the week,” she explains. “And you’re telling me it’s gonna take ten business days for you to…I paid $250 for groceries because I had to get some household stuff as well—his pull-ups and his melatonin, which is not a norm, and shampoo.”

Kat also highlighted another issue: the refund time frame means that she will need to wait 10 days for her money to come back into her account, which she says isn’t a feasible solution as the money she spent on the delivery was all that she allocated for groceries for the week.

“Paid $250 and half of my f*cking order is not there. And you’re gonna tell me you can take my money in ten seconds but you can’t refund it in ten seconds?” she asks, appalled. “I gotta wait ten business days for my refund? So what am I supposed to do until my next payday? Because that was all of my grocery money for the next week. It was actually more than my grocery money for the next week. This comes from the bottom of my f*cking heart dude: to the piece of sh*t who stole my f*cking kids’ food, I hope you choke on it.”

Viewers who responded to her video had varying opinions on Kat’s situation. Numerous folks argued that she has time to post several TikTok videos a day but not enough time to go to the store. Others said that she was ignorant to the fact that the ability to order food via a delivery service is a “privilege.”

“Ah the privilege of being able to order delivery,” one user wrote.

“No time.. when she clearly sends back a video response each time. lol. go get your own f*ckin food. pff no time my a*s,” another said.

“Wild, you have time for all these TikToks though. I seriously hate it here,” a further user said.

One commenter who said that they worked as a delivery driver assured her that the bags were probably mistakenly given to another customer and that they didn’t intentionally steal her items. “Im a Shipt shopper. I’m sure it was an accident and the bags were given to another customer. I’m sure it was not intentional,” they said.

@katdaddykatt Im literally shaking mad. #groceries #singlemom #walmartdelivery #walmart #thief ♬ original sound – Katdaddykatt

Although there were a lot of TikTokers who made it clear that they don’t sympathize with Kat’s plight, there were others who seemed a bit more understanding: “There’s so many hateful comments on this thread. Instead of being hateful just be understanding. I’m sorry this happened to you mama for you,” one TikToker said.

Someone else penned: “Wow. These comments are not what I expected. You’re valid in your reaction Momma! I support you! You’re doing a good job!”

“Feel this so much as a single mom, I’m covering my only 2 days off this week and making my week 84 hrs,” another viewer shared.

One mother in the comments section wrote that she, too, would rather go shopping without her children present: “My kids aren’t even on the spectrum and I will avoid taking them shopping with me at all costs. I get it. I’m sorry people are awful.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Kat via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 18, 2024, 5:00 pm CST