Walmart sending customer back out because of closing time

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‘Can y’all stop doing this? We are trying to clean up and go home’: Walmart worker blasts customers who enter at 8:01

‘They act like people that work retail don’t have lives.’


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 29, 2023

A Walmart employee went viral on TikTok for blasting customers who attempt to enter the retail giant after it’s already closed.

Shacora (@cokillaa), the worker, posted the video where she showed viewers how she treats patrons who engage in this kind of behavior. In her clip, which had over 1.2 million views as of Tuesday morning, Shacora recorded herself at the Walmart exit checking a customer’s receipt. As she’s doing this, another shopper started walking into the store.

@cokillaaa Can yall stop doing this? We are trying to clean up and go home😭😭 Who else works in retail and have this problem? #retail #retailproblems #retaillife #store #shop #shopping #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #food #clothes #jewelry #homegoods ♬ original sound – Shacora SoGorgeous H

“Sir, sir, the store is closed,” she said. The customer insisted, however, that they just needed to “get one thing.”

Shacora didn’t budge.

“The store is closed,” she repeated. 

In the text overlay, the Walmart employee doubled down on her frustrations, writing, “Customers at 8:01.” And in the accompanying video caption, she pleaded with viewers to not attempt this.

“Can y’all stop doing this?” she wrote. “We are trying to clean up and go home. Who else works in retail and [has] this problem?”

A quick look at the comments section revealed that, yes, several workers do. 

“They act like people that work retail don’t have lives,” one person wrote.

“I go outside and stop them,” another said.

“yup they really do that the customers don’t listen,” a third viewer added.

Another commenter, meanwhile, pointed out that this phenomenon isn’t unique to the retail industry. “OMG SAME THING IN RESTAURANTS like 15 minutes left until we close and a party of 10 comes,” they wrote.

Indeed, this seemed like a widespread issue among service workers. Recently, a Quora forum post attempted to figure out why certain customers think it’s OK to enter a store when it’s about to close. One commenter chalked the behavior up to procrastination.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Shacora via TikTok comment and to Walmart by email.

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2023, 6:28 am CDT