Walmart shopper shares how you could be getting short end of stick if you shop in the store

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‘I know a lot of y’all asked me. Here’s why’: Walmart expert says it’s cheaper to buy online than in-store. Even on clearance

'I really believe they are just trying to make everything online.'


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Posted on Oct 22, 2023   Updated on Oct 22, 2023, 7:53 am CDT

A popular TikTok user known for posting Walmart clearance content has declared that she no longer shops Walmart clearance. Why? According to Shai (@orlandoqponqueen), the deals in-store simply aren’t as good as the deals online, even through

In a video with over 56,000 views, Shai, who has nearly 800,000 followers, says that it is “officially cheaper to order stuff online on versus actually going in-store and buying them.”

She goes on to compare deals that she got in previous years to the stock available in-store today. The in-store stock is priced significantly higher.

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Later in the video, she says that she currently has difficulty finding any items at all on clearance at Walmart. She then compares the prices of some items in-store to their current prices online. 

For example, she says that a “Power Grill” is available online via Walmart’s website for “$127, but yet in-store, it’s still $150.”

She goes on to cite other examples, ranging from a NutriBullet available online for $88.97 but in-store for $99, to an air fryer available online for $108.25 but in-store for $119. She also notes that several of these items could be purchased for considerably cheaper during clearance in previous years.

In the comments section, users shared Shai’s assessment of Walmart’s current clearance offerings.

“I’ve been finding clothes shoes etc with 2022 tags still full price,” said a user.

“Yes, this has been the case in Indiana. no interest in chasing their non existent clearance,” added another.

“I’ve noticed this too and I really believe they are just trying to make everything online from now on slowly but surely,” stated a third.

Some users suggested price-matching between Walmart and their online store.

“If it’s sold online by Walmart and not a 3rd party vendor they HAVE to price match. It’s the policy they’ll try to get around it but they have to,” shared a user.

Walmart does have a price-matching policy; however, as Shai notes in a comment, it does not require the policy to be consistently applied. Per the Walmart website, “The Walmart Store Manager on duty has the final decision on any Price Match.”

Owing to this, some users have cited issues actually utilizing Walmart’s price-matching.

“The way they act when you ask them to price match is CRAZY! One store told me they would only price match ONE *I had 2,” recalled a commenter.

“I had my closest Walmart tell me they don’t price match anymore not even online,” claimed a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via media relations contact form and Shai via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 22, 2023, 7:49 am CDT