Walmart shopping cart full of bags of 3 cent items caption 'Walmart on west rd n 45 Throwing me out just because I found clearance for 03 manager Andrew yanked the cart from me' (l) Walmart building (c) Walmart shopping cart full of bags of 3 cent items being pulled away by manager caption 'Walmart on west rd n 45 Throwing me out just because I found clearance for 03 manager Andrew yanked the cart from me' (r)

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‘They did not want to honor my purchase’: Walmart refuses to let customers complete purchases during viral 3-cent sale

'Walmart arrested me for trying to purchase the clothes on sale.'


Cecilia Lenzen


Posted on Dec 8, 2022   Updated on Dec 8, 2022, 4:12 pm CST

This week, Walmart allegedly marked down multiple summer clearance items to cost only three cents, but it seems the sale was made by accident. Several TikTokers have accused the company of refusing to let them purchase three-cent items after they had already filled their carts, claiming that the items were supposed to be removed from the sales floor.

Multiple TikTokers, including users @naturallysunday, @tishsfreebies and @orlandoqponqueen posted about the items they found marked down to three cents. Common items included bras, underwear, swimwear, summer clothing, and even a vanity mirror.

User @tishsfreebies says in her video that she “scored big time” and encourages viewers to rush to Walmart at the time. In the video, she shows multiple piles of clothing as she was being checked out.

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Although the TikToker was able to take advantage of the huge sale, others reported that they weren’t as lucky at their local Walmarts.

TikTok user @chelsssfarmer posted a video Wednesday as a PSA to “everybody who’s running to Walmart to get the three-cent items.” She says she was excited like everyone else to find the sale at Walmart and loaded up on multiple items. But when she went to check out, an employee flagged her purchases.

“[The employee] basically said ‘I think the home office store accidentally clearanced out like all the seasonal summer items—like shorts and all that—and that’s why they’re all ringing up three cents,'” @chelsssfarmer says in her video. “And I think that they caught it and that’s why it’s not letting you purchase any of the three-cent items. They’re all being recalled back.”

The TikToker adds she was “so upset” because her entire cart of discounted items was taken away.

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Other TikTokers were met with more intense backlash from Walmart employees trying to shut down shoppers taking advantage of the sale.

User @latinchic66 says she was thrown out of a Walmart after trying to purchase a cart full of three-cent items. She says the store manager “yanked” her cart away and accuses other employees of acting “ridiculous.”

Another TikTok creator, @hideeblue7, says she was arrested in Walmart for trying to purchase the three-cent items. Her video shows a Walmart employee pulling her cart away and trying to stop her from recording. After she protested the store’s refusal to honor its sale, she says a police officer arrested her for “trespassing.”

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One customer, @ahappycouponer, says a Walmart employee snatched several three-cent items out of her hands as she was checking out. The employee accused the TikToker of stealing, and a manager threatened to call the police and have her removed from the store, the user says.

In response to the flood of videos calling Walmart out, multiple viewers and commenters encouraged the shoppers to report their incidents to Walmart HR and even seek legal action against the company. Many of the TikTokers reported that they had at least called HR, and some said they were considering more extreme action.

During one incident, user @classy_chocolatequeen says she called Walmart customer service when cashiers wouldn’t honor her purchases. She adds that she plans to report the customer service employee she spoke with for being rude.

The Daily Dot reached out to the mentioned TikTokers via comments on their videos and to Walmart via its media request form.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2022, 4:10 pm CST