Walmart worker calls out customers for abandoning cart

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‘Please for the love of God stop doing this’: Walmart worker calls out customers for abandoning cart

‘This stuff isn’t even cold anymore.’


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Walmart employee and TikToker Chelsea Jo (@finnandquinn) blasted shoppers who fill up their shopping carts with items, and then abandon the cart in the middle of the store.

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She says in the video: “Hi, just your local Walmart employee here. Just ran across something that I’m used to seeing but I’m tired of seeing. Just a little PSA for everybody.”

“Please, for the love of god, stop doing this,” she continues as she flips the camera around to reveal a shopping cart that someone has left in the middle of an aisle in the store.

“This stuff isn’t even cold anymore,” Chelsea says as she handles various items in the cart that were previously refrigerated or frozen. She gestures to some cheese, frozen burritos, meat, and sour cream, saying, “All of this is bad now.”

As the camera zooms out, the Walmart employee pleads with those in her audience who find that they must abandon their carts, “At least tell an employee if you have an emergency…just tell somebody so we can put it away. Don’t just abandon it in the middle of f*cking nowhere.”

“I need y’all to for real get it together because I am not your slave. I’m not here to do this,” the Walmart employee concludes.

The video received 28,300 views as of this writing and a number of viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One ex-Walmart employee shared their own similar story, writing, “Used to work at Walmart, and we once had a customer abandon his whole cart of groceries because we told him he’d have to use self checkout.”

A customer also seemed fed-up with rogue carts in the aisles, saying it was inconsiderate to shoppers with mobility issues. They wrote, “as a customer I agree because it would be hard for people with wheelchairs to get around.”

But not everybody could get on board with the Walmart worker’s simple request for customers not to abandon their carts.

“If I get to the front of the store and 30 people are waiting to be checked out by 2 cashiers then I’ll abandon it,” wrote one unsympathetic shopper, adding, “I don’t get paid to do it.”

Another said, “I dunno. I’d probably abandon my cart if they didn’t have half of what I came for.”

Meanwhile, others lamented a different issue — not being able to get the items into their carts in the first place.

“I can’t even get a Walmart employee to unlock something I need,” said one user, referring to Walmart’s practice of locking up certain products.

The Dailt Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Chelsea via TikTok comment for further information.

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