Vegetarian of six years accidentally eats meat after 6 Years

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‘You was enjoying it too’: Vegetarian of 6 years accidentally eats meat after pizza worker hides pepperoni under cheese

'I've had multiple pizzas with it under the cheese.'


Angela Littlefield


Posted on Oct 13, 2023

A viral TikTok post is trending after vegetarian and content creator Joe (@ joeycrackdadon) shows how she accidentally ate meat after a pizza worker allegedly hid pepperoni under the cheese.

Joe shares how they have been meat-free for six years in the viral clip that has grossed over 6.6 million views as of Friday. They show what appears to be pizza from Buddy’s Pizza based in Detroit, Michigan, as they take a few bites of what they believe to be a meatless pizza. 

After taking a few delectable bites, Joe pauses and looks down at the pizza and discovers pepperonis hidden under the cheese and sauce of her Detroit-style pizza. 

Pulling off the layers of cheese, Joe and their twin sister gasp in disbelief that someone would jeopardize their dietary restrictions.

“What the f*ck is this,” Joe says as they shove the slice directly into the camera, showing the meat.

The TikToker demands in the caption for the video, “Because who the f*ck hides pepperoni under cheese??”

“I just ate some f*cking pepperoni, I gotta go,” Joe says before ending the video.


because who the fuck hides pepperoni under cheese??🤬

♬ original sound – joe

Many viewers in the comments section made jokes about Joe’s initial reaction to the pizza before discovering the meat-packed horror.

“It was good huh, welcome back,” one viewer joked.

“You was enjoying it too,” a comment with 105,000 likes read.

Other vegetarian viewers were caught up in disbelief and sympathized with Joe and their upset reaction at the hidden meat discovery. 

“I’ve been vegetarian for 12 years I would’ve been throwing up afterwards lol,” a viewer shared.  

“I understand why she’s upset but did she make sure the pizza said NOTHING about pepperoni? Cuz I’ve had multiple pizzas with it under the cheese,” claimed another viewer. 

Vegetarians are always on guard when it comes to ordering out and run into a common fear of accidentally eating meat. Even famous singer Chloe Bailey shared on Instagram Live how she ordered room service and what was believed to be “Impossible Beyond Burger,” ended up being real beef, after 10 years of being vegan.   

According to Buddy’s Pizza website and menu, customers can build their pizza with their own selected ingredients. 

It is still unclear how Joe originally ordered her pizza, but she encourages all her followers to follow her road trip journey on her YouTube Channel. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Joe (@joeycrackdadon) and Buddy’s Pizza via Instagram direct message. 

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*First Published: Oct 13, 2023, 3:39 pm CDT