United Airlines promises enough room to fit everyone’s bags. Customer says overhead space is ‘limited’ on his flight

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‘Guess you’re not on the newer flight’: United Airlines promises enough room for bags. Customer shows overhead space is ‘limited’

'Because people put 2 items in the overhead bin!!!'


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Feb 10, 2024

In a viral 13-second TikTok video by Steve (@magicmansteve1), which has garnered 1 million views, the content creator and travel expert raises an eyebrow at the juxtaposition between United Airlines’ assurance and the reality passengers often face regarding overhead bin space.

As Steve’s video begins, the overlay text expresses skepticism about the airline’s announcement that “overhead space is limited on this flight.” The scene then shifts to a United Airlines sign reassuring passengers that there is “enough space for everyone’s roller bag,” a promise that has long been a point of contention among travelers.

The clip brought out many opinions about carry-ons on flights. One person wrote, “Let’s normalize flight attendants checking the overhead bins for jackets and stuff and telling their owners to put it under their seats.” Another claimed, “It’s because people don’t use the underseat storage area like you’re supposed to for your handbag / personal item.”

One man angrily said, “It’s because people put two items in the overhead bin!!!” But Steve’s flight is indicative of another, ongoing set of changes. One commenter remarks: “Guess you’re not on the newer flight.”

To that note, United Airlines has been vocal about enhancing passenger experience, notably by retrofitting its fleet to include larger overhead bins, as noted in a Business Insider report from 2021. This initiative, part of a broader, previously discussed effort to modernize the airline’s narrow-body Boeing and Airbus planes, ensures that every passenger’s carry-on bag can be accommodated. With plans to fit as many as six bags in the new overhead compartments when placed on their sides, United Airlines hopes to eliminate the need for gate-checking bags and reduce the congestion of passengers crowding the gate area before flights.

Despite these promises and the airline’s efforts to revolutionize the travel experience, Steve’s video highlights the gap between ideal assurances and the practical realities passengers often encounter. The video serves as a lighthearted commentary on the universal struggle for overhead bin space, a situation familiar to many who fly. It also underscores the importance of United Airlines’ ongoing updates and retrofit plans, which, if fully realized, could be a “game-changer” for air travel, as United’s chief customer officer Toby Enqvist described.

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As United Airlines continues to work on its fleet revitalization program to retrofit its existing aircraft by 2025, passengers like Steve and his followers are left to navigate the current inconsistencies with a mix of skepticism and humor. The viral TikTok showcases the everyday challenges of flying and holds out hope for a future where the promise of “enough space for everyone’s roller bag” is a reality, not just an optimistic sign beside the lemonade stand.

The Daily Dot has contacted the TikToker and United Airlines.

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2024, 3:02 am CST