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‘Shhhhhh don’t say it too loud’: Woman shares the ‘ultimate summer parenting hack’ at Chuck E. Cheese

‘This is a great idea for four children on summer break.’


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When school lets out for the summer, some parents might be looking for new ways to get their children out of the house or keep them entertained over the long break.

One mom says she feels like she has unlocked a true hack for parenting her four children in the two months between the end of one school year and the start of another: The Chuck E. Cheese Summer Fun Pass.

That’s right—the familiar childhood favorite arcade soon to be sans animatronics has passes for summer-long fun and games.

In a video posted to TikTok, mom of four Sarah Dale (@homesweetharmon on TikTok) says she has found that for most of the day, her local Chuck E. Cheese is pretty empty, and makes for a safe playground for her children.

“You guys, I’m at Chuck E. Cheese and I feel like a freaking genius,” she says in the video. “I think I have discovered the ultimate summer parenting hack.”

She explains how she has four kids and that they are the only patrons at 1:30pm.

“They have this summer pass thing where you can get 100 games for $80, and then you also get discounts,” she shares. “100 games a day for the whole summer, and then they also have one where you can get 250 games a day for the whole summer and you can split the games—the points for each game—on cards for your kids.”

Is the summer pass worth it?

She says the pass she purchased came out to about $154 and allows her kids to play 75 games when they are there. And if they do not use all of those game points, they roll over for future visits.

“I have four kids, so I got one of the passes that has 250 points a day on it, and they have Wi-Fi,” she says. “So I’m going to come, I’m sitting here right by the entrance, and I’m going to work from the time they open until about 2 and let my kids play games.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Sarah Dale via comment on the video as well as TikTok direct message, and to Chuck E. Cheese regarding the program via email.

@homesweetharmon My hands are shaking in so excited. 🤣 I just discovered the ULTIMATE #workfromhome summer #parentinghack! I never thought id being happy to go #chuckecheese everyday. #frugalfun #summeractivities #kidactivities #summer #frugalfamilyfun #familyfun #bigfamily ♬ original sound – Sarah Dale

Per the Chuck E. Cheese website, the pass program described by the poster is the Summer Fun Pass, which comes in three tiers:

  • Bronze: 40 games per day
  • Silver: 100 games per day
  • Gold: 250 games per day

Prices for each pass can vary by location, per the website. Once activated, cards can be used daily at any participating Chuck E. Cheese location. Cards can be shared with family members in the same household, but not with non-family members or family members outside of the immediate household. Passes can be purchased online, and are only available in-store for locations in Canada, according to the website.

The package also comes with up to a 50% discount on food and beverages for pass holders.

Summer Fun Passes are available from Apr. 29 through Sept. 2, and benefits are available for two months after purchase.

However, several viewers were critical of the poster’s use of Chuck E. Cheese as a “parenting hack.”

“Guys look I found a great way to not be a mom,” one commenter wrote.

“Idk about your Chuck E. Cheese but I you couldn’t pay me to go in the one near me,” another said.

“Go outside and go to the park,” one commented.

However, many more commenters shared that the arrangement held great appeal to them, especially with the availability of WiFi.

“I was just telling my husband today I wish parks had wifi – it would be amazing to be able to work and have the kids entertained!” one commenter wrote.

“We just did this for our grandson,” another added. “He was having a ball!”

“I bought it also and it’s great,” a user said. “Food 50% off! I’ve been 3 times and kids happy in a cool environment!”

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