Woman tries Ubering Plan B. Driver won't deliver and asks her to 'reconsider'

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‘I’m kinda embarrassed and also a little upset’: Woman tries ordering Plan B on Uber Eats. Driver refuses to deliver, asks her to ‘reconsider’

'I bet he'd deliver condoms, though.'


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Posted on Mar 3, 2024   Updated on Mar 3, 2024, 8:04 am CST

In the past few years, the emergency contraceptive Plan B has been a major source of controversy and ire amongst conservatives.

For context, Plan B One-Step, or levonorgestrel, is an emergency contraceptive that can be purchased over the counter that works to prevent a pregnancy by preventing the body from releasing an egg. 

“When you take Plan B, it delays ovulation (the release of an egg) for a few days,” summarizes GoodRX Health. “This means there’s no egg available for sperm to fertilize. And no fertilized egg means no pregnancy.”

Despite the FDA’s official affirmation that Plan B is not an abortion pill, many conservatives have voiced their opposition to, or tried to legislate against, Plan B.

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) once stated during a floor debate that, “The Plan B pill kills a baby in the womb once a woman is already pregnant,” a claim that is categorically false. Laws have also been proposed in some states to ban the sale of the drug outright, and in 2022, universities in Idaho made headlines after “at least one university [urged] staff not to tell students how to get birth control or emergency contraception,” including Plan B, per USA Today.

This increased spotlight on Plan B from conservative media has caused the drug to be an area of controversy—an issue that’s now found its way into delivery apps.

In a post on the r/UberEats subreddit, user Adorable_Boss6908 writes, “Uber Driver canceled my Plan B order and asked me to ‘reconsider.’”

In the body of the post, Adorable_Boss6908 says that she needed to buy Plan B but, given the fact that it was raining, she decided to order it from Uber Eats.

According to the poster, upon picking up her order from CVS, the Uber Eats driver proceeded to linger around the store for 30 minutes before sending her a message that said he “can not accept and deliver this knowing what it [will] do.” The driver also stated that he “hope[s] you reconsider,” ending the message with the words “God bless.”

“I’m kinda embarrassed and also a little upset. Not really sure what to do,” OP wrote in the body of the post. In a comment, Adorable_Boss6908 added, “I understand if he didn’t want to because of his beliefs but sending me a message like that is way overstepping. I already felt kinda guilty ordering it & told myself I was being dumb, then my worst fear happens.”

Commenters expressed rage about the Uber Eats driver’s actions.

“Are you sure you didn’t order from UberPREACH?” joked a user.

“Ask him for his name and address so you can send him all your medical bills and adoption papers. Since he wants to take responsibility for your life and decisions anyways,” added another.

“I’m willing to bet he doesn’t know what it will do at all,” shared a third. “I bet he’d deliver condoms, though.”

“I don’t like doing alcohol deliveries, so I simply decline them, or unassign them if it wasn’t clear the order contains alcohol. What I DON’T do is take the order then lecture the person about the possibility that they’re an alcoholic, and do you really need this bottle, and wouldn’t you rather I get you some orange juice or soda,” detailed a third. “This Dasher is WAY out of line, and has no right lecturing you about something that’s none of his business.”

Many recommended reporting the driver to the company.

“Please report this person. This is totally inappropriate,” said a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to Uber Eats via email and Adorable_Boss6908 via Reddit chat.

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2024, 11:00 am CST