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‘She in her bag fr’: Twin Peaks server says she paid her co-worker $100 to cover a shift—and got scammed

‘That’s messed up.’


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While asking a co-worker to cover a shift is a common practice for those in the food service industry, as is having coverage fall through because they don’t show up.

One Twin Peaks waitress said she not only asked a coworker to pick up her shift, but paid her $100 to do so, and felt she was scammed when her co-worker did not show.

“When I paid my coworker $100 to take my shift and she scammed me by not showing up and kept the money,” Maya (@sn0rtingangeldust) states via text overlay on the video.


really fooled me 👏🏾

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She said in her comment section that the switch had been approved by management, so all of her bases were covered as far as making sure the co-worker could officially take it over.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Maya via a comment on the video as other methods of contact were not available.

Several viewers were also unhappy that the poster’s co-worker did not follow through on her deal to take her co-worker’s shift.

“People are so grimey literally what is the reason?” one commenter wrote. “You get extra money AND the money for the shift.”

“I would’ve beat her butt til I feel like I got my $100 worth,” another said.

“I would deadass get them fired idc that’s messed up,” a third added.

Others shared that they’d also tried to have co-workers take over shifts and they never showed up—or, a co-worker who said they would pay to have their shift taken stiffed them.

“I took someone’s shift for $30 and they never paid me,” one commenter wrote.

“Once I paid a girl $20 to close for me and then the day of the shift she ‘threw up’ mid-shift and went home sick and I had to close,” another commented.

“I took 40$ to take someone’s shift B4 and they never paid me,” a further user claimed.

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