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‘To be fair they can be like 20,000. I don’t blame him’: Viewers defend man who tried out hot tubs before buying one

‘I didn’t even know this was possible.’


Stacy Fernandez


A man is going viral on TikTok for testing out filled-up hot tubs in a store with just his swim trunks on.

In the video, Holland (@hollandpaterno), the man’s wife and a content creator, explains that they’re buying themselves a hot tub, and her husband was intent on making sure they got the right one.

In his effort to secure the best, he insisted on doing a wet test with the hot tub options they were looking at. The husband is clearly committed to the idea, wearing his colorful swim trunks to the store and carrying a towel in his hands.

For those unfamiliar, hot tub showrooms typically have the unit on the floor with no water. A wet test allows potential hot tub buyers to try out the product the way they’d use it at home—full of warm water.

As the video continues, the husband is seen stepping into the bubbling hot tub with nothing but his swim trunks and necklace on. He listens and interacts intently as the salesperson points out the hot tub’s different features. At one point, he gets out of the tub and has his towel wrapped around his lower body as the salesperson points out features on the tub’s exterior.

While wet tests are often done after hours to give buyers more privacy while they have the full hot tub experience, the man in the TikTok didn’t seem to care too much about there being other customers around. Several people appear to be strolling around the showroom while the man does his test soak.

“Him soaking while people are strolling the aisle is sending me,” a commenter wrote.

The husband’s efforts seem to have paid off.

“Starting off the weekend strong we are proud new hottub owners,” Holland shared in the caption.

The video has garnered nearly 700,000 views and more than 140 comments since it was shared Saturday.

Angi reports that above-ground hot tubs like the one the husband was testing out could run anywhere from $400 to $18,000, not including installation costs.

Many viewers were in support of the husband’s dedication, given how expensive of a purchase it may be.

“If I’m dropping 10k on a tub they are bringing me drinks as well lol,” one person said,

“I wanted to see a whole video! The getting in and getting out of each hot tub! Spending that much money, you need someone like him!” another wrote.

A few commenters shared that they also opted for the wet test and said it was helpful for deciding between models.

Another person shared that doing a wet test during store hours is actually quite common. She shared that her husband is a hot tub salesperson, and “people do it all day long so it’s very normal.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Holland for comment via email.

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