TJ Maxx Shopper shares PSA on buying Fendi and other designers from the retailer

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‘I bought a $400 gold necklace that turned brown’: TJ Maxx shopper shares PSA on buying Fendi and other designers from the retailer

‘I bought a $400 gold necklace that turned brown’


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 23, 2023

A TJ Maxx shopper shares a viral TikTok PSA on buying Fendi and other designer items from the retailer. He alleges the deals aren’t as good as you might initially think.

The video startsoff with a stitch from @shopperladydmv who shares a “deal” she found on a Fendi bag at TJ Maxx. The video then cuts to Marc (@verifiedbluecheckmarc), who offers some advice. “May I suggest, before swiping your card, get your phone out and take the 30 seconds it takes to check if you really are getting a deal,” he says.

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He notes his advice isn’t for shoppers big on “instant gratification.” First, the content creator suggests looking at the “compare at” price. While these numbers are many times wrong, Marc says for luxury items “they’re typically pretty accurate.”

With regard to the Fendi bag, Marc explains that the $1,750 “compare at” price is accurate, and at $1,399 is essentially 20% off. But in his opinion, 20% isn’t “really a TJ Maxx discount.” Furthermore, Marc explains how if an item is at TJ Maxx, it’s often on sale elsewhere. He then unveils a listing from online retail seller Bluefly, which is charging $1,191 for the same Fendi bag—a whopping 32% discount.

In addition, Marc says ordering from an online retailer lessens the chance of your item being handled by other potential customers or careless employees. Marc also reveals the “runaway sections” in the store typically have the “worst value” in terms of discounts. “Their prices are comparable to regular sales at high-end department stores or brands themselves,” he says.

“So, next time you’re shocked to see that brand at TJ Maxx, remember, there’s nothing too shocking about the price they’re asking for it,” he concludes.

The video has amassed more than 700,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 14, with many commenters in agreement with Marc.

“Honestly at that point I considered it used if it’s at tj maxx,” one viewer said.

“And you’re exactly right. TJ Max be trippin,” a second user agreed.

A third user claimed, “I bought a $400 gold necklace that turned brown.”

Not every user expressed agreement. Others offered stories of great deals they’ve received at TJ Maxx.

“I bought a Givenchy antigona for $1500 at tjmaxx. The same exact bag was selling at Neiman Marcus for $2575 during the same time I purchased mine,” one user wrote.

“Last spot check at TJMAXX I did was Clinique moisturizer. It was $75 when it sells at Sephora for $79,” a second user wrote.

TJ Maxx has come under fire for its designer items before. One TikTok user claims most designer items from TJ Maxx are fakes. She blames this on the company not verifying their authenticity. Another user allegedly discovered a “counterfeit Balmain T-shirt.” This implied that the shirt was “a plain T-shirt with Balmain tags sewn into it and returned to the store.” This has also apparently happened at HomeGoods.

The Daily Dot reached out to Marc via Instagram DM and TikTok comment and TJ Maxx via press email for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2023, 7:45 pm CDT