Texas Roadhouse server uses ketchup hack after ‘customer’ complains

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‘I really need a new ketchup if you want me to eat this food’: Texas Roadhouse server uses ketchup hack after ‘customer’ complains

‘wow that wind up’


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It’s not uncommon for servers to complain about customer requests, especially on social media. Take this Texas Roadhouse server who went viral after lambasting all of the patron asks that irk her to no end in a TikTok.

Another Texas Roadhouse server is airing out a specific gripe she has in a viral clip of her own, criticizing customers who can’t seem to get the ketchup out of the squeeze bottles usually found on dining tables.

Carofine (@karolineskangaroos) highlighted the “hack” she implements in a skit that’s accrued more than 2.5 million views since it was posted on Oct. 7.

@karolineskangaroos enjoy! have some ketchup girl #roadhouse #kethchup #server #texasroadhouse ♬ original sound – carofine

The video begins with one woman, presumably a fellow Texas Roadhouse employee, seated at her table, acting out the role of a guest having a difficult time extricating the red condiment from her squeeze bottle.

She expresses this concern to her waitress and asks for a new bottle, but Carofine has a better idea. She takes the bottle and performs an exaggeration whirlwind movement with her arm before handing it back to the diner.

The customer then tries the bottle out and voila, a perfect blob of ketchup plops onto the plate, demonstrating the “hack’s” efficacy.

Several commenters seemed tickled by the video, including folks who said that they worked in the food industry. “My next trick for my regulars,” joked one user.

Another remarked that they were surprised at the direction the video ended up going in. “Nah I thought you were going to throw it I was so scared,” the user wrote.

Someone else joked that folks should beware before attempting this hack by making sure that the bottle is tightly sealed, otherwise, they’ll end up with the aftermath of ketchup massacre in their establishment. “I do this too but one time the hinge was broken and I got ketchup everywhere,” the user wrote.

Ketchup getting stuck inside of bottles, regardless of the container’s design, seems to be a widespread problem. One that is so common that Scientific American decided to delve into why this is such a ubiquitous event. The outlet stated that it fundamentally has to do with the viscosity of ketchup itself and how it interacts with the inevitable residue that is trapped inside of these containers. “Ketchup is famous for being hard to get out of the bottle even when there is plenty of it left. In fact, all liquid foods—from red wine to cooking oil—leave some residue in the container. The reason has to do with the wettability of the container and the viscosity of the substance,” the outlet writes.

So how does one solve it? As comical as Carofine’s antics are in the clip, they could be effective, as that motion could very well shake up the contents inside of the bottle. Per Scientific American: “To liquefy the sauce, you need to shake the bottle vigorously or thwack it with your hand. If you are not careful, a lot more will end up on your food than you intended. As experienced users know, there is no need to rush after shaking because the effect takes a certain amount of time: You can relax, remove the cap and take aim.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Texas Roadhouse via email and Carofine via TikTok comment for further information.

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