Tesla driver can’t believe what tint shop did to her car

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‘The tint shop should have informed you about ceramic tint’: Tesla driver can’t believe what tint shop did to her car

‘I’m literally boiling.’


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A Miami, Florida woman inadvertently transformed her Tesla into a mobile greenhouse after getting it tinted.

The TikToker, Savannah Negrin (@sav.negrin) says that the panoramic glass roof of the luxury electric vehicle is so hot that she can’t even touch it.

“I tinted it out, 5%, all over the sides. I put a windshield tint, 35%, I like it really dark in here, and I’m literally, boiling because the sun is just beaming at my scalp all day long,” she says.

In fact, her car was getting so hot from the sun’s persistent assault that she says she had to carry around sunscreen at all times just to drive her car because she felt like she was getting burnt.

Negrin posted about her hot Tesla woes in a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 766,000 views as of Friday. In the clip, she asks users for any suggestions on what steps she can take to make her vehicle less painful to drive in, but as it turns out, as at least one user pointed out, if the shop just recommended a specific type of tint, she may have been able to avoid the issue entirely.


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Viewers share advice

Some users offered up some explanations as to why her car was so hot, and they chalked it up to the auto workers she brought her car to not taking the time to apply the appropriate tint to her vehicle.

“The tint shop should have informed you about ceramic tint,” one person said, whereas another speculated that the shop more than likely tried to do their job, but that Negrin may have declined it because it cost too much: “They probably did, but people don’t like the price tag sometimes.”

However, she explained that she wasn’t informed about the differences in tint types, writing, “Girl I have money I would’ve paid for ceramic but no one told me and IM JUST A GIRL.”

As it turns out, someone else in the comments section seemed to have an identical issue with tints on their vehicle: “Same girl nobody told me. I got the money for some damn tint???”

Another said, “You need ceramic tints it doesn’t matter what % it needs to be ceramic film.”

What is ceramic tinting?

So what’s the big deal with ceramic tinting? According to Chicago Auto Pros, it’s all about “glare reduction and heat reflection” when compared to “traditional tinting.”

The company writes, “Ceramic tints, such as ceramic window tint, can reduce heat by up to 85% while providing 99% UV protection. Regular or traditional tinting, while more affordable, only offers a minimum degree of sun-blocking ability and allows UV rays to penetrate the car.”

There’s also another added benefit when it comes to ceramic tinting. Due to the materials used in the manufacturing of these tints, they not only prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from penetrating the glass, but they also don’t block signals like some other tints that are made with “metallic” or “dyed” materials, the company states.

The Tint Guy also had positive things to say about ceramic tinting, writing that there are a plethora of benefits associated with opting for this tint: “Stepping into the realm of cutting-edge technology, ceramic tint has significantly elevated the benefits of window tinting. With nano-ceramic technology at its core, ceramic window tinting offers a plethora of benefits that far exceed those of standard tint,” the business wrote.

Getting into an even more granular explanation, The Tint Guy added that the reason why its able to deflect sunlight so well is because it helps to filter infrared light, “making your drive significantly cooler.”

So how much pricier is ceramic tint when compared to the standard tinting option? According to Auto Trader, “Ceramic window tinting typically costs $400 or more for three windows,” but depending on the type of vehicle and how much tint is required to cover it, that price could be much higher. Consumer Reports wrote that “ceramic tinting usually costs several hundred dollars more,” than traditional window tinting solutions.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Negrin via TikTok comment and Tesla via email.

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