Tenant accuses property manager of ‘degrading’ him because he’s a man.

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‘I really don’t think I like your tone’: Tenant accuses property manager of ‘degrading’ him because he’s a man. Viewers are on her side

'He didn’t like her tone because she was right'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Nov 19, 2023   Updated on Nov 19, 2023, 11:06 am CST

A tenant accuses his property manager of ‘degrading’ him because he’s a man. After hearing the story, TikTok viewers are on her side.

In the viral video, which has over 9.8 million views, Leiaa (@princessleiaa7) is seen going back and forth with a tenant about his late rent payment.

The tenant wanted Leiaa to waive the late fee on his rent payment, but she calmly explained that she couldn’t do it. They’d already waived his late fee twice as a courtesy (when they’re only supposed to do it once), and this was his tenth time being late on rent. “We can’t just keep waving your late fee,” Leiaa told him.

“But I pay y’all, though,” he said. “Late,” Leiaa responded.

The tenant then tells Leiaa that he doesn’t like her tone. She quickly apologizes, but it still isn’t enough for the man who seemingly feels mistreated due to the fact that Leiaa is enforcing the rent policy.

The man seemingly comes at Leiaa personally, saying she still gets paid “back to back” whether his rent is on time or not. “This is about the rent, not really about my occupation,” she said.

That’s when things take a turn. “Hey, jack*ss, I don’t wanna talk about your occupation. I’m talking about me paying the rent. But women. Y’all women. That’s the issue with y’all women. Y’all women always try to degrade a man,” the man said to her. “I am a grown man.”

Leiaa’s customer service voice immediately came off after the man started to disrespect her and her entire gender. “And you’re about to get evicted,” Leiaa responded, clearly no longer concerned about being polite.

@princessleiaa7 Watch until the end ! #propertymanagement #crazyresidents #propertymanagerproblems *This is a skit for educational purposes * #fyp ♬ original sound – Princess Leiaa

The man then made it seem like if he didn’t leave the office he’d do something dangerous, and said he was going to walk away instead. As he walked away, still saying threatening things, Leiaa put her purse on her desk. This sometimes signals that a person is strapped and ready to show their weapon.

As the man, who kept pointing out that he’s a “grown man” left, Leiaa called back, “Pay your rent if you a grown man.”

Leiaa added a disclaimer in the caption stating the video was a “skit for educational purposes.” The skit has accumulated over 45,000 comments that are largely of people taking her side.

“He didn’t like her tone because she was right,” a top comment read.

“There was no tone..” a person pointed out.

“She really tried to stay professional but he tried her !” another user wrote.

“You kept your composure because I would’ve laughed in that man’s face,” a commenter said.

Other commenters said Leiaa’s video made them want to work in property management.

“Lord please let me get a job in property management. This is the entertainment that will make me come to work on time I PROMISE,” a viewer wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Leiaa for comment via email.

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*First Published: Nov 19, 2023, 11:30 am CST