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‘You look familiar’: Target worker says customer filmed herself harassing him, posted it online

'That is such a violation.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Mar 20, 2024   Updated on Mar 20, 2024, 11:34 am CDT

Everyone has the right to feel safe at work, but for Target employee Mitchell, things took a dark turn after a customer came in wanting a speaker.

He started by showing a clip of the woman bending over in front of him as he stood there shocked, along with the caption: “Love being sexually harassed at work.”

Then, in a video filmed in his car, the employee explained what he says transpired. From the outset, the customer, according to Mitchell, was being “very inappropriate” in the way she was speaking and making him feel “uncomfortable.”

“And then as I’m trying to help her, … she bends down to point at something, and the bottom of her dress is cut I just see her entire … ass. Keep in mind, side note, I am gay. I am gay. Wrong train, wrong, neighborhood.”

Following this, Mitchell said he spoke to senior leadership and continued his role as usual, but everything changed when a customer walked up to him and said he looks “familiar.” Mitchell said he discovered the woman put the video featuring him on her OnlyFans page.

Mitchell said the customer ended up giving Mitchell the woman’s @ so that he could see for himself. He said the woman promised the “uncensored” version on the video on her page for $4. The caption on her video also said, according to Mitchell who “hunted it down”: “minding my business.”

“Girl, no you ain’t, because look at where we are right now,” he said. “I potentially could be recognized in this video that makes me look like a pervert for the rest of my life, and you don’t even care.”

He continued, “Here I am having to DoorDash to make ends meet and this girl’s living in Miami living her best life.”


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After his video went viral, with 8.7 million TikTok views and 4.4 million X views, Mitchell claimed the woman posted about it on her Instagram story. “He is pissed about nothing,” her story allegedly read. “STFU, take the free clout and get you some [money].”

Outraged, Mitchell responded: “You came to my job and harassed me, OK? You’re not gonna sit here and tell me how I am and how I’m not gonna make you feel about what you did.”

He went to explain that he was speaking out because the creator was “normalizing” what she did and that it was “not OK.”

Viewers are outraged on Mitchell’s behalf. “This is so wrong I hope you get justice,” one user wrote in a comment on his original video.

“That is such a violation. I’m sorry that happened to you and I hope you’re able to get justice,” another wrote.

According to OnlyFans’ terms of use, creators are not allowed to “upload, post, display, or publish Content on OnlyFans that shows, includes or refers to … any other individual unless you have written documentation which confirms that all individuals shown or included or referred to in your Content are at least 18 years old, and you have a written consent from each individual to use their name or images (or both) in the Content.”

Mitchell didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment. The Daily Dot also reached out to the woman via Instagram but did not get an immediate response.

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*First Published: Mar 20, 2024, 10:00 pm CDT