Mechanic reveals the difference between synthetic and conventional oil and if you should bother

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‘Maybe I should start’: Mechanic reveals the difference between synthetic and conventional oil and if you should bother

'So basically change the oil twice a year.'


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Posted on Apr 1, 2024   Updated on Apr 1, 2024, 8:37 am CDT

Not everyone is a car enthusiast, meaning many drivers are likely still using the oil option favored by the manufacturer or dealer in their vehicles.

However, there can be a significant price difference between conventional and synthetic engine oil, as one mechanic explains in a TikTok that has drawn over 400,000 views on the platform.

In the video, a mechanic from Accurate Auto (@accurateautoinc) explains the difference between the two oils, and how they work differently in the engine. Synthetic oil, he says, has additives that allow drivers to stretch the miles and time between their oil changes.

“Conventional oil lasts about 3,000 miles or three months,” the mechanic says in the video. “The difference between the conventional oil and your synthetic oils are the additives that go into them. Some of them have friction modifiers, or things that help the oil last a little bit longer.”

“The thing about the oil is it cools and lubricates your engine, and it has different properties in the oils that help do that,” he continues. “And that’s the synthetic oil that has a little bit more of those properties and additives in it. It allows you to go just a little bit longer between oil changes.”

While they may be more expensive than conventional oil, synthetics are also more resistant to breaking down over time, another factor contributing to their slightly longer lifetime. It can also withstand higher and lower temperatures, meaning it may be better suited for extreme climates.

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The explanation provided by the mechanic led some viewers to question whether they should switch their oil types, and some warned viewers that classic or collector vehicles may not always be able to use synthetic oils.

“Maybe I should start using synthetic oil,” one commenter wrote.

“I owned dozens of cars…10k miles on conventional and 20k on synthetic..amazed how people are ripped off by oil changes,” another said.

“Never use synthetic on rebuilt classic engines,” a third commented. “It will seep out through the oem gaskets.”

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Others shared that they had good results using synthetic motor oil in their vehicles.

“Learned something new!” one commenter wrote. “I use full synthetic and do my oil change every 3 months or so.”

“I have a high mileage car so I’ve been doing synthetic oil changes for a while it gives torque back to your car,” another commented.

“With synthetic oil, I go 6 months. So basically change the oil twice a year” a further user said.

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*First Published: Apr 1, 2024, 9:00 am CDT