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‘My family does not have a lot of money’: Woman says she splurged on $5,000 couch from Sundays Furniture. It’s now ‘falling apart’ and the store ghosted her

'This couch looks like something i’d find on the freebies app.'


Sarah Conklin


Posted on Jan 11, 2024   Updated on Jan 11, 2024, 10:19 am CST

TikToker @hellokittymari’s video begins with a warning: “If anyone is thinking about buying the Sundays furniture couch….” She doesn’t need to continue; the video of the lumpy, crumpled, worn couch speaks for itself.

Her viral TikTok documented the saga of getting the $5,000 couch refunded. After over a million views and thousands of comments, she finally has a resolution.

Sundays markets its merchandise as “modern, best selling furniture designed to last.” But after two years, Mari’s piece is already a wreck. The gray three-seater sectional is lumpy with crushed cushions. A detached ottoman is in similarly poor condition.

“It seems so nice online, so fluffy, like a cloud couch. This couch is $5,000. It is a lot—a really big purchase for most people. My family does not have a lot of money, but we decided we wanted to splurge on a couch that would last us a long time,” Mari says.

She says her family has not even had the couch for two years.

Mari claims it takes her 45 minutes to fluff and fix the cushions. “It is falling apart and bending on the sides, warping,” she says.

Viewers agreed that the couch did not look worthy of its hefty price tag.

@dietbongwatr joked, “This couch looks like something i’d find on the freebies app from a home w 4 dogs.” 

“At first I thought this was going to be a warning about getting a couch from Facebook marketplace,” another viewer wrote.

Mari’s family purchased the Movie Night sofa, which currently listed on its website at $5,180 for the large size.

Sundays describes the sofa as “the ultimate in five-star comfort, with a plush design that instantly pulls you in. Thanks to oversized feather-fibre cushions, this sofa is pure, pillowy perfection—but don’t let the next-level softness fool you. This relaxed piece is also stain-resistant, durable, and real-life-proof. Curl up, unwind, and become one with your couch.” 

It actually has pretty good reviews; it’s rated 4.5 stars, with 184 reviews.

The couch comes with complimentary delivery and assembly, as well as a two year warranty. But when Mari originally reached out to the company, she claims it did not respond.

@hellokittymari @Sundays Furniture i want a refund please. Take the couch. We don’t want it. Stop taking advantage of people! Sgame on you! #sundaysfurniture #sloppy ♬ original sound – HellokittyMari

Some viewers were critical of Mari’s family spending $5,000 on a couch despite claiming they did not have a lot of money. TikToker @degenupnorth satirized the situation in his comment: “My family doesn’t have a lot of money. here’s my 5k couch.” Mari was frank, replying that she is learning about financial literacy.  

Criticism aside, most users agreed the Sundays quality was unreasonable. “I’m so sorry that happened 5k on anything should last a life time. Idc what the product is,” @little_rie_1103 empathized. 

After the video went viral, Sundays reached out to Mari offering to make things right. In a follow-up video Mari shared the company offered her a full refund and would do the same for the other commenters who experienced a faulty product. Additionally, it said it would take the couch back to investigate any quality issues.

It was a happy ending for Mari and her family after all. After seeing Mari’s video, Burrow, a furniture company that claims to be passionate about customer service, sent Mari’s family its bestselling Union couch, which retails for $2,599. After a month of testing it out, Mari posted a new video to share: “This is THE couch we wanted.”

“This is super super bouncy; this is very comfortable. It is actually on the firmer end, but I actually prefer that because that means to me it is going to last a lot longer of a time,” she shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mari via direct message and to Sundays via email.

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*First Published: Jan 11, 2024, 11:00 pm CST