Publix customers in line with caption 'when publix stay having one person to make a million people subs' (l) Publix building entrance with sign (c) Publix customer with caption 'when publix stay having one person to make a million people subs' (r)

‘When Publix stay having 1 person make a million people subs’: Publix customer shows worker overwhelmed with long line, sub sandwich orders

'And they move SO SLOW.'


Phil West


Posted on Jun 30, 2023

It’s a scenario no one involved wants — a sole Publix worker making sub sandwiches, overwhelmed by a line of customers waiting for sub sandwiches.

The video capturing this episode came from South Florida-based TikToker @rawjit.1k, getting more than 126,900 views on a video that went up on June 15. In it,

Using a section of the “nathanyards” sound making its rounds on TikTok to express frustration, the creator shows a long line at the sub shop in a Publix store.


♬ Your not talkin about nathanyards – Snoopmoneychaser

The on-screen caption reads, “When Publix stay having one person to make a million people subs.”

Commenters felt his pain.

“And they move SO SLOW,” one observed.

A second commenter contended, “And they always put the slow people in the deli!!!”

“Be waiting in that line for 30 MINUTESSS,” said another.

“That’s why everybody at my store order theirs online,” offered one.

“Or you order online and it’s still not done lmao,” said another, bringing up an adjacent frustration that flies in the face of the “order online” hack.

But someone else appears to have finessed it so it works. “Y’all gotta do the pickup option like an hour before I be so happy watching everybody in like and my sub sandwich just sitting there already.”

It’s not just frustrating for customers, though.

“Boyyy chill on the deli workers they go through it everyday,” expressed one.

Another, who’s been on the other side of the line, shared, “That’s why i left the deli cause they love to leave you by yourself.”

And as at least one commenter pointed out, sometimes the customers are contributing to the logjam with their requests.

“Then you got that one person that want EVERYTHING on the sandwich then extra mayo cut in 4 like MOVEEEE.”

But that got the creator thinking.

“Ima have to agree with the extra mayo,” he said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 30, 2023, 9:53 am CDT