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‘It’s legit’: Man shares hack to getting random people to buy things off your Amazon, Etsy wish list

‘This would help a lot of teachers out definitely.’


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A TikToker says he discovered a way to get strangers to buy him free things and explained how anyone could get in on the action. In a viral video that has racked up over 1.1 million views, Peter Petrella (@peterpetrella) shared details about the site he uses to score free goods, which is open to anyone online.

“Did y’all know that there’s literally an app where you can just put a wish list of all the things that you want, and random people will just buy them for you?” the man began in the video. “This isn’t a scam.”

Petrella made sure to establish that he was not advertising any service and even signed up with the app to try it out before recommending it. Petrella is well-known for his life hack videos that cover everything from Olive Garden to lottery scratch-offs.

“I signed up first so that you didn’t have to, to make sure it was safe,” he continued. He then dropped the name of the app: Throne.

According to its website, Throne is an app for creators that allows fans to gift them items from their wish lists. It keeps the data of both creators and those sending gifts private and secure.

“Depending on whether you actually wanna buy things from random people or whether you wanna get random things from random people, you can pick which one,” Petrella explained about the two different kinds of profiles users can select from.

The content creator also explained that the app is attached to popular online retailers like Etsy, Amazon, and others. He also said that the app’s users can add bios to their profiles that explain why they want the items they are asking for.

“And the gifters will just, like, find the profiles and buy the things,” he said. “Then, they just get sent directly to you.”

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In the comments section, many celebrated the app and imagined how it could be helpful to many people.

“This would help a lot of teachers out definitely,” user Melanindragon wrote.

Others said they would be willing to open accounts as both gifters and receivers.

“I’m gonna sign up,” user Danera wrote. “I would love to gift.”

“I wanna do both,” another viewer added. “Give and receive.”

However, some noted that content creators who already have followers would be the most likely to benefit from using the platform.

“I have 0 friends or following sooooo I would get zilch,” user Sierra Davis wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Peter Petrella and Throne via email for comment.

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