Starbucks employee shows receipt with order for Impossible Sausage, 1 pump vanilla, warmed


‘I can see the vision’: Starbucks baristas baffled by Impossible sausage sandwich ordered with pump of vanilla

‘Is the innuendo going over everyone’s heads?’


Maya Wray


A viral video posted to TikTok earlier this month by a Washington-based Starbucks employee showed her completing a mobile order that included a plant-based sausage breakfast sandwich with a pump of vanilla syrup.

Responding to a comment on her latest video, which has been viewed 755.2k times since being posted March 7, user Katherine Seeley (@katherineseeley) said there was no option to order the sandwich that way in the Starbucks app, leaving her confused as to how the customer managed to.

In the video, the camera first zoomed in on the mobile order sticker, then panned to the sandwich, to which Seeley’s coworker added a pump of vanilla syrup on top of the cheese. 

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“This is like the vanilla extract meme from Tumblr all over again,” one user wrote. 

The video’s top comment with more than ten thousand likes jokes, “1 pump vanilla sausage was my nickname in college,” causing many users to think the order wasn’t serious. 

Others believed the customer may have been trying to recreate something like the McGriddle breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s, which is made with maple syrup.

“The coffee base on the impossible tastes like a McGriddle so I can see the vision,” Starbucks barista Grace Donahue (@gracedonahue7) commented.

Several Starbucks employees revealed equally bizarre orders made in their own stores.

“Had someone today order a super refresher and it was all of the refreshers mixed in,” one wrote.  

“Had someone order a matcha lemonade with no lemonade, no ice, and 24 scoops of matcha,” another recalled. 

“One of my shift leads had a tomato mozzarella sandwich and put the chocolate cream cold foam on it,” user Izzie (@izziebee55) shared.

In the comments, user Julia (@jooliyuhhhh) revealed that if a customer orders something in-store and scans their Starbucks app, then the app will save it in their history and the customer can order it again as a mobile order.

“So you’re telling me this person had to say this order out loud to someone and then decided it was good enough to order it again? Wild,” another replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Seeley via TikTok comment.

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