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‘The way your co-worker handled that’: Customers try to dine and dash on $100 tab. It backfires

‘If you’re that broke say that.’


Grace Fowler


A server posted a storytime video on TikTok after two customers allegedly tried to dine and dash on their $100 tab. 

Grace Ray (@grace.rayy) has gained over 1.2 million likes on her video. She captioned her post, “like if you’re that broke say that.” 

To start, Ray aggressively says, “If you are the two girls that tried walking out on your hundred-dollar tab yesterday, f*ck you.”

Ray says that while on her shift the day prior, two women came into the restaurant and were seated in her serving section. She says the women ordered two appetizers, two drinks, and two shots. 

“Keep in mind, our prices are kind of pricey, and they were getting like good sh*t,” she adds. “That alone was already $100.”

Ray says she gave them their tab when they finished, and they asked for it to be split separately. “So 50-something dollars each,” she explains.

She says when she returned after a few minutes, the women said the guest check books were ready to go, but she quickly noticed there were no cards in them. She says when she returned to the table and told them the issue, one of the women asked for “just a few more minutes.” 

“I was like, ‘Oh my god,’” Ray exclaimed. “I already knew where this is going.” She says she decided to keep an extra eye on the women’s table but then had to handle a table outside. 

Ray says that when she came back inside, one of the women had left, and the other was “slowly getting out of the booth.”

“I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt,” Ray says. “Maybe they paid with someone else.” 

Ray catches them in the act

However, she says that when she walked over to check the books, she quickly realized they had not paid.

“I’m literally chasing her out of the building,” Ray says. “I walk outside, and I said, ‘You need to pay your tab.’”

She says the woman looked at her confused at first and asked, “What?”

Ray says she explained to the woman that she needed to come back inside, as she couldn’t let her leave the restaurant without paying her tab. Ray adds that at this point, she was “waving down security.”

She says security approached as she continued to explain to the woman that she could not leave until the two tabs were paid. The woman reportedly responded, “I’m gonna let my friend sign off on this,” and wanted to leave without providing a payment or identification card.

“I literally looked at her, I said, ‘You’re not gonna walk out on me’ … because one thing I’m not gonna do is pay for your f*cking tab,” Ray says, adding that she told the woman security would have to walk her to her car. 

Ray says security brought the woman back into the restaurant after five to 10 minutes and said, “She needs to pay it out right now.” 

“So I’m like, ‘OK, it’s $103,’” Ray explains. She says the woman asked to use Apple Pay, which the restaurant does not accept, so Ray asked management what to do next. 

The final stand

Ray says management sent in a co-worker named Jo to help handle the situation. She says Jo told the customer, “Actually, we can’t do Apple Pay. But what we can do is, if you wanna go ahead and Cash App Grace the money, then she can go and pay your tab for you.”

Then, Ray says that after the woman refused and asked one more time if she could use Apple Pay, Jo took the phone from her hand and started typing Ray’s phone number into Cash App to make the transfer. 

“So the total is $103, but we’re actually gonna still tip her 20 percent, so you’re gonna send her $123,” Jo reportedly said. 

“I guess the girl turned her phone on like airplane mode or something, like, nothing was sending,” Ray adds. She says Jo told the customer, “Oh well, that’s why it’s not working,” then turned off airplane mode and paid Ray the $123.

Ray says the customer walked back to her car “pissed off that she did not get away with it.”

Then, she says she suddenly started to receive “5 million FaceTime calls” from the customer’s number. “We keep declining it, and they keep calling me,” she says.

“So I transfer the money over to my bank, and I blocked them,” Ray adds. “You think you can walk out on me? No, no, no, no.”

Ray says that when she returned to work after the encounter, the customers at the table next to the attempted dine-and-dashers knew exactly what was happening, so they tipped her $100.

“So, yeah, b*tch, you got me more money. Thank you,” she says before ending her video. 


like if youre that broke say that😭

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A viewer in the comment section of Ray’s video told her, “I’m a manager of a restaurant and anytime we have someone dine and dash, I post their photos from security cameras all over Facebook. They always come back and pay.”

“The way your coworker handled that, AMAZING,” another wrote.

Do servers really have to pay if you walk out on the tab?

According to Revolution Ordering, dine and dash scenarios are “more common than you think.” The site states that “1 in 20 customers have walked out of a restaurant without paying the bill.”

“That’s 5 percent of all diners,” it adds. 

Depending on the state, penalties for dining and dashing “can consist of up to six months in jail and upward of $5,000 in fines,” Revolution Ordering continues. The site also confirms that in some cases, “state and federal law may require servers to pay the bill when a dine and dash incident takes place.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Ray via email. 

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