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‘I went on Instagram to find this guy’: Shopper finds college diploma at Goodwill

'I don’t even know where my degrees are. This could be me real soon.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Aug 10, 2023

In a viral video, a TikToker shared his journey from finding a person’s college diploma at Goodwill to shipping it out to the person.

In the TikTok, Tommy (@tommylips) explained that he was perusing items at Goodwill a few days back when a Star Wars book caught his eye. As he flipped through it, Tommy said he found something unexpected tucked in the book: a person’s college diploma.

@tommylips Found a diploma at Goodwill. #starwars #chilis #jacobcalabrese #thrifting #bestfriends #internet #fyp ♬ original sound – Tommylips

The diploma belonged to a guy named Jacob, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in art from California State University, Northridge.

On a mission to find the college graduate, Tommy said he first messaged people with the name on the diploma via Instagram but had no luck. He said tried again on LinkedIn with a person who had the same school listed in their profile.

“Hey Jacob, I think I found your diploma,” Tommy wrote to him.

“Sounds like me, can you send me a picture?” Jacob wrote back.

Jacob asked Tommy to ship the diploma back to him along with the book and said he’d Venmo Tommy for the shipping costs. “So I requested $69 as a joke. I thought it was hilarious,” Tommy said.

When Jacob actually paid him the requested amount, Tommy said he realized he’d have to follow through on the shipment. He also put stuff in the package that would justify the $69. He included Star Wars figures, a vintage Watto plush, a Star Wars birthday card, and a Chili’s gift card.

“Three days later, he got it, and now we’re best friends. Isn’t that insane?” Tommy said. He also shared a picture Jacob sent him holding up his only slightly wrinkled diploma.

The video has more than a million views and over 700 comments.

Several people shared their own experiences in the comments.

“Bought a lot of rings at an estate sale, one was a class ring. Found the guy, his ex took it when she left him while he was deployed,” a person shared.

“I bought a college diploma at a flea market for $1, because I wanted the frame. You inspired (and showed) me how to find it’s owner,” another wrote.

“I don’t even know where my degrees are This could be me real soon,” a commenter said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tommy for comment via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2023, 10:07 am CDT