Sephora worker takes back $2 tip the next day at mall coffee shop

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‘I would have remembered tipping’: Sephora worker takes back $2 tip from barista the next day at the mall

'Even if you do it as a joke and you think it’s funny I’m still coming over the counter lol.'


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Posted on Jul 14, 2023

A mall coffee shop worker went viral for filming a sketch based on a customer who took money out of her tip jar. It was a fellow mall worker from Sephora.

The viral video was made by TikToker Meadow H (@harp.sicord), and was viewed over 23,000 times.

Meadow, playing both roles, performs the sketch in her apartment. In the description, she states that the sketch was “Inspired by the one customer i had who took 2$ from the cash tips.”

A text overlay above Meadow’s head reads: “POV: the customer who wants to refund your tip.”

Meadow begins the skit as herself working at the coffee shop, “Hi there, welcome to an understaffed coffee shop that’s not Starbucks that’s in the middle of the mall. What can I get for you today?”

Responding as the customer, Meadow fiddles with her phone while barely glancing at the clerk. The customer in question works at the Sephora in the mall, and demands her mall discount, while ordering 5 caramel drinks to go. Meadow pretends to enter the order and flip a screen around to her customer who then swipes through the standard questions, including tipping, before picking up her drinks and leaving.

A text overlay reads, “The next day…” In the skit, the same customer returns to the mall coffee shop. She is angry and demands to know why she was overcharged.

With an annoying tone in her voice, Meadow responds as the customer, “I come here everyday and I order the same thing everyday and this time it’s telling me there is a $2 upcharge.”

Meadow asks to take a look at the charge and explains the price difference. “Oh um it says you tipped $2. I didn’t charge you for anything else.”

“Baby girl I was here yesterday and I would have remembered tipping and I especially would have remembered if this service was even worth tipping,” the customer responds.

“Ma’am the tipping was optional. There was an option to do no tip and you chose to tip $2. I didn’t really have any say in that. I can refund you if you’d like?” she asks.

“You know what i’m feeling generous today you can keep the rest just refund me the $2 that I tipped you OK? It might be easier if I just take from the tip jar right here.” Then the customer does the unthinkable, she reaches into the tip jar and takes back $2.

Meadow ends the sketch with a statement many service workers have uttered, “This job is taking years off of my life.”

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Many users were outraged by the customer’s behavior and surprised at how well she handled someone reaching into her tip jar.

“As a bartender if you touch my tip jar, you die. Even if you do it as a joke and you think it’s funny I’m still coming over the counter lol,” one user said.

“I’ll never understand why you wouldn’t just go to sephora and start something to get her fired. maybe I’m just too petty tho,” another responded.

“This is management territory I wouldn’t even engaged with troll…no refund offer she drunk the 5 orders,” a user added.

“The minute she stated to put her hand into my tip jar is when I’m jumping over that counter,” agreed a fourth.

The Daily Dot reached out to Meadow via TikTok comments.

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*First Published: Jul 14, 2023, 5:30 pm CDT