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‘There is no way this is worth 75’: Customer says product in Sephora’s $75 Kohl’s-exclusive advent calendar looked half-empty

‘This is probably gonna last me a day.’


Charlotte Colombo


Advent calendars have long been a must-have Christmas tradition, but as the years have gone by, they have evolved from offering little pieces of candy to pricey beauty products.

After Zoella’s advent calendar went viral for all the wrong reasons, customers are a lot more skeptical about luxury advent calendars. This year, a Sephora advent calendar sold exclusively at Kohl’s is highly sought-after—but is it worth the money? In a viral video with over 136,000 views, TikToker Bridget (@honestlybridget) didn’t hold back on her views of the Sephora product.

“[It] cost me $75, but apparently it’s worth over $150,” she explained before diving into the calendar. The first door had a mini mascara, while the largest door had a “teeny-ass beauty blender” the size of Bridget’s thumb. “I guess because Barbies are making a comeback, that’s probably what it’s supposed to be used for,” she quipped.

Other items included a travel-sized perfume, a small bottle of Moroccan hair oil, and what appeared to be a travel-sized facial cleanser that she mistook for a drink. “Overall, the quality of the packaging was great, but I could not get half of the items,” she added, pointing out that she had to remove one of the items with scissors.

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While Bridget seemed reasonably pleased with the products, TikTok viewers were more divided. Some commenters were skeptical of the item’s quality. “There is no way that its worth $75,” one viewer wrote. “The beauty blender made me laugh,” another added. A third viewer questioned the size of the products, noting, “I love how it was $75 and most of them were basically just samples.”

This is one of several advent calendar unboxing videos Bridget has done for her 80,600 followers. The creator, who is better known as “Honestly Bridget,” often asks viewers to recommend what calendars she should unbox and has covered everything from a Harry Potter Lego advent calendar to a fidget toy-themed advent calendar. With more than a month to go before Christmas, there are likely many more of these unboxing videos still to come.

The Daily Dot emailed a representative of Bridget for comment.

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