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‘Anyone who has had this knows just how good it is’: Sam’s Club customer shares hack to elevating the new $1.58 birthday cake sundae

'I think i'm about to drive 50 min just to get that.'


Brooke Park


Posted on May 5, 2023

A Sam’s Club cheap birthday cake sundae has inspired the internet into action, with one TikToker buying a membership to taste the cake sundae and others leaving rave reviews. Most recently, a TikToker has added a unique addition to level up the frozen yogurt, cake, and sprinkle concoction—berry compote.

Morgan (@morganchompz) showed off the red, white, and blue sweet treat in a viral TikTok clip that has reached more than 200,000 views as of Friday. The caption reads, “Yup, I did that, this happened. I love Sam’s Club.”

@morganchompz Replying to @mrgurrola yup, i did that, this happened. i love sam’s club 🥹 #samsclub #samclubfinds #samsclubdeals #membersmark #birthdaycake #birthdaycakeicecream #frozenyogurt #froyo #softserve #icecreamsundae #icecreamcake #foodfinds #berrychantillycake #morganchomps ♬ Spongebob Tomfoolery – Dante9k Remix – David Snell

In a follow-up video, Morgan taste-tested her creation. Morgan described how she first ate and loved the original birthday cake sundae that features chunks of cake Sam’s Club bakers make fresh. Soon after, an idea struck her.

“As I was eating it, I was like, what if I asked them to put some of the berry compote in this? The people working in the cafe were kind enough to make my dream come true,” Morgan, who is a prolific TikTok food reviewer based in Colorado, described. “This was definitely the move.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Morgan and Sam’s Club via email.

@morganchompz Replying to @heidil43 this was the move!! #samsclub #samsclubcafe #samsclubfood #samsclubfinds #icecreamsundae #icecreamcake #birthdaycake #berrysandcream #berrychantillycake #frozenyogurt #foodfinds #foodhacks #morganchomps ♬ original sound – morganchompz

Sam’s Club introduced this limited-time food item to celebrate its 40th birthday. Yet, the event ended on May 1st, Morgan said. But that hasn’t stopped the sundae’s fans from petitioning for the dessert’s permanent return. The petition has gained a little over 100 signatures since it was created three weeks ago.

“Anyone who has had this knows just how good it is,” the petition’s creator Shelby Barton wrote. “But sadly it’s only temporarily and will be gone soon. Too soon. Let’s make a change and vote to keep it on the menu forever!!!!”

Despite the birthday cake sundae’s seemingly universal popularity, the division will always exist. Viewers in the comments fluctuated from loving to hating the new sundae. And some wanted Sam’s Club’s brownie sundae highlighted as an amazing creation. Both sundaes boast an affordable price of $1.58.

“It wasn’t that good. But the brownie sundae is the bomb,” one viewer argued.


“I think I’m about to drive 50 min just to get that,” a pro-birthday cake sundae user said.

Many viewers mourned their lost chance at grabbing the limited edition sundae. But as one viewer pointed out, users can create their own.

“OK, but Costco cakes are amazing. So I think I will buy a cake and some vanilla ice cream and make my own. And gain 20 pounds!” the viewer joked.

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*First Published: May 5, 2023, 3:56 pm CDT