boss greenscreen TikTok with caption 'I'm so confused!!!' 'I saw that your last login was 3 days ago' (l) boss greenscreen TikTok with caption 'I'm so confused!!!' 'yeah I saw I was working Monday but I usually don't work' (c) boss greenscreen TikTok with caption 'I'm so confused!!!' 'so you saw tht you were working Monday correct' (r)

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‘When I checked HotSchedules I saw that your last login was 3 days ago’: Boss schedules restaurant worker who doesn’t usually work on Mondays for Monday — but is he wrong?

‘This is the exact reason I don’t work in the restaurant business.’


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After an employee missed a scheduled shift, a boss went to TikTok to share the details of what he found to be a puzzling situation. However, the exchange he shared made some commenters wonder if the employee actually had a good point.

The scenario was shared to TikTok by @gangsta_gramps, who posts restaurant TikTok content from a managerial point of view. It went up on the platform on April 5 and has drawn more than 1.1 million views since.

The creator starts with, “So this is an actual conversation I just had with an employee,” before portraying both sides of the conversation.

“Hey, Steve, what happened to you yesterday? You didn’t show up for your shift.”

“I usually don’t work on Mondays.”

“I understand, but your availability says that you can work Mondays.”

“Oh, yeah, I can work Monday. That’s no problem. I just didn’t know I was working Monday because I usually don’t work that.”

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The creator, as the boss, then says, “Well, you know, when I checked HotSchedules, I saw that your last login was three days ago. So you saw that you were working Monday, correct?”

“Yeah, I saw I was working Monday, but I usually don’t work then.”

“Were you not able to work this Monday?”

“Oh, no, I could work, but I usually don’t work it.”

“You’re gonna have to help me out,” the boss says with some exasperation. “You can work it. You were scheduled to work it. You saw that you were scheduled to work it, but you just didn’t come in because you usually don’t work.”

“I just thought it was a mistake.”

“So, if you saw it when your schedule came out ten days ago, and then again three days ago, why wouldn’t you inquire about it instead of just not showing up.”

The employee then asks, “Did I miss something?” and the video ends.

But it wasn’t necessarily the slam dunk the creator thought it was, as commenters rushed to criticize him for changing a seemingly well-established schedule.

One commenter asserted this was “a good reason not to keep changing schedules on people without communicating.”

The creator responded with, “It’s the restaurant business. Nobody has set schedules. And I did communicate by writing a schedule in which the employee is obligated to follow.”

A second commenter said, “This is the exact reason I don’t work in the restaurant business. No set schedule BS is nothing but [a] manager’s power trip.”

“I would’ve thought it was a mistake too honestly,” another added.

While the creator understood that, he also thought the employee should have checked in about the presumed error.

In response to the criticism, the creator posted a follow-up explaining that the day-to-day fluctuation in restaurant traffic is why some employees might have to work days they aren’t usually scheduled for.

@gangsta_gramps Replying to @missmax225 ♬ original sound – Gangsta_Gramps

However, that wasn’t enough to convince viewers. One commenter bluntly assessed, “Sounds like you’re not a very good manager.”

The Daily Dot contacted @gangsta_gramps via TikTok comment for further information.

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