Apartment hunter shows rental listing with surprising price tag. But the interior shocks her

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‘I thought you were playing Sims at first’: Apartment hunter shows rental listing with surprising price tag. But the interior shocks her

'The sad part is someone will rent this out.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Feb 10, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 12:35 pm CST

Studio apartments are costly at the best of times, but if nothing else, you can feel accomplished that you’re getting value for money with a kitchen, living area, and bathroom all in one compact space. But as the rental market continues to rise, some studio apartments are…creative to say the least, as renters come across increasingly absurd properties at sky-high rental prices.

The good news is that this absurdity is being documented for everyone to see on TikTok, as one prospective renter Cindee (@cindeexrella) exposed a particularly egregious-looking rental property.

Providing viewers with a virtual tour of the space, Cindee wrote in the text overlay, “A landlord really in all seriousness sent me this listing for more than $1k a month. AND THEY WERE SERIOUS YO.”

The clip has already amassed 2 million views as of Saturday, and as Cindee clicked through the property, things just kept getting worse.

For one, the kitchen seemed to be inside a closet, while the sink was kept on its own on the other side of the room. In a very narrow adjoining room was a toilet and shower which, Cindee added, “Looks like depression,” while the rest of the space was taken up by a couch, table, and desk which appeared to double as a bedroom. The Daily Dot reached out to Cindee via email.

@cindeexrella They just get worse and worse 😭😭😭 #crazylandlord #scaryapartment #apartmenthunting #apartmenttour ♬ original sound – cindee 🎀🫶🏽

For more than $1,000 a month, viewers shared how, if anything, this price for a studio apartment is cheap.

“This is 1600 in Toronto,” one commenter said.

“That would be an easy 2000 dollars in Vancouver,” another added. “I’m not even kidding.”

Meanwhile, a third commenter despaired at how “this would be a steal in my city,” while a fourth made the quite worrying point that “the sad part is someone will rent this out.”

Viewers were also taken aback by the appearance of the apartment.

“Is this even legal?’ one asked. “Like, no vent above the stove.”

“The closet being bigger than the kitchen is crazy,” another pointed out.

“This is kinda normal for NYC but girl that sink is so unserious,” a third added.

The only silver lining is that, unlike some tenants, this one isn’t forced to blow dry the inside of their freezer to stop their landlord from charging them for too much ice. At least, we don’t think so.

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*First Published: Feb 10, 2024, 11:00 am CST