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Multireddits will make Reddit a lot more fun

Your Reddit experience is about to change drastically.


Mike Fenn


Your Reddit experience is about to change drastically.

VentureBeat reports that Reddit is rolling out the concept of “multireddits,” a paid-only (for now) feature that lets you combine lots of subreddits into one fun cluster for easy browsing.

Technically, the feature has always been around—you just have to manually enter each subreddit name, separated by plus signs, into one lengthy URL. Chrome’s Reddit Enhancement Suite extension offers a similar option.

The new feature will make browsing Reddit “easier and more diverse,” developer Max Goodman wrote in a May 14 post. How? Here are some suggestions for multiredditing:

1) The SFW porn multireddit

Image via r/spaceporn

Collect the best “-porn” subreddits that actually are safe for work browsing. It’s actually one of the most calming and awe-inspiring collection of subreddits you can have.


2) The helpful multireddit

Do you enjoy coming to Reddit to learn something, other than what memes, videos, and insults are currently the most popular? This list of subreddits can teach you everything from trivia tidbits to in-depth discussions on history and science.


3) The most NSFW place on the Internet

Warning: Only construct this multireddit if you plan to be unemployed for a very, very long time. Just browsing through one of these subreddits is enough to get you forcibly removed from your cubicle. With their powers combined, you will never again be permitted to even think about a company computer.


4) The Reddit multireddit

Do you like to spend your time on Reddit engrossed in news and discussions about… Reddit? This is the multireddit for you! In one convenient place, you will have anything and everything Reddit-related.


5) The fandom multireddit

With this multireddit, you can keep all of your fandom-related subreddits in one place! While we have grouped those subreddits that best define each fandom community, keep in mind that you can go several levels deep, perhaps creating a multireddit full of nothing but Doctor Who subreddits.

H/T VentureBeat | Illustration by Mike Fenn

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