Popeyes worker trashing restaurant with caption 'This is what happens when you don't get paid for a month' (l) Popeyes restaurant with sign (c) Popeyes interior trashed with shelves tipped over, buns on the ground, and boxes thrown everywhere (r)

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‘Now he gotta pay for the damages’: Popeyes worker trashes store after allegedly not getting paid for a month

‘He got his money’s worth and a court case.’


Maya Wray


Posted on Apr 26, 2023

A Popeyes employee and her co-worker went viral on TikTok after she posted a video of him destroying their Chicago, Illinois, store. 

In the pinned video, which has been viewed 84,000 times since being posted yesterday, user Sarah (@itsrah26) said her co-worker had not been paid in a month.

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The video shows him dumping pieces of raw chicken and boxes of frozen French fries on the floor. He also overturned shelves and cut the registers’ electric cords.

In the last frame, Sarah showed an empty cash drawer on the counter, then panned to a scene outside the restaurant where another store employee can be seen talking to a police officer. “At least he got his money,” the video’s text overlay read. It is unclear whether or not her co-worker was arrested.

In the comments section, many viewers expressed disbelief over the monthlong gap in payment and said they didn’t blame Sarah’s co-worker for reacting that way. Others claimed he should have sued Popeyes instead.  

“I understand his anger, but now he definitely ain’t getting paid,” one user wrote. “This is a corporation and he could’ve sued and gotten a nice settlement check.”

“This was definitely more lucrative than a lawsuit,” another pointed out. 

“Now he’s going to jail. He could’ve turned everything so it works in his favor and he blew it,” a third lamented.

Others defended the worker’s actions, saying no one knew his situation. “He could have kids at home and all and they’re playing with his money,” one user shared. “Straight disappointing.” 

“Trashing the place ain’t going to do anything,” another responded. “Just report it to the labor board.”

Some users joked that the store would still serve the food thrown on the floor. “They’re gonna scoop that chicken up and put it right back in the freezer,” one wrote.

The Daily Dot contacted Sarah via TikTok comment and Popeyes via voicemail, as the company’s website is down at the time of publication.

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*First Published: Apr 26, 2023, 6:20 pm CDT