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‘I just want the breakdown’: Plato’s Closet customer calls out store for ‘scamming’ her when she tried to sell clothes

'I realized that I had left a purple sweater at the bottom of one of my bins.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jul 23, 2023

A woman revealed how she was allegedly “scammed” by Plato’s Closet after they refused to give her a physical copy of the breakdown of her clothes.

The video featured TikTok user @sandyystarr in her car. She recounted her experience at Plato’s Closet in Vaughan, Toronto. She explained how she brought “three big-a** bins and two bags.” After dropping off her items, one of the workers informed the content creator it would take “45 minutes” to sort everything. But they would text her before 9pm to “pick up” her stuff. Less than 10 minutes later, @sandyystarr received a message that her stuff was ready.

However, she was skeptical.

“Right off the bat, I f*cking knew that sh*t did not get looked through,” she said.

Plato’s Closet buys and sells used clothes, with more than 475 locations across North America.

When she arrived, she noticed that none of her stuff “had been moved.”

“I realized that I had left a purple sweater at the bottom of one of my bins. It was still at the f*cking bottom, I swear!” she elaborated.

This made the content creator angry but she tried to brush it off. However, one of the workers would give her “$58 for 20 items” they went through. When @sandyystarr asked for a “breakdown,” the worker explained it in a way that confused her.

“She then goes to give me a breakdown and she’s just f*cking throwing all of this information at me like I’m some robot and I’m gonna compute what the f*ck she’s saying and keep it in my memory card,” the content creator said.

Then, the content creator asked for a print copy, but the worker refused because the system “won’t allow” them to print it. Next, @sandyystarr asked to take a picture of it. But the worker told her that was “not allowed” because they “don’t take pictures” of the system.” In addition, the content creator was declined an invoice for each item. The manager then echoed everything the worker said.

What really ground the content creator’s gears was that the worker offered her a breakdown but refused to write it down. After explaining how some of the items were her brother’s and needed a breakdown, the worker still “couldn’t do that.”

Overall, @sandyystarr wasn’t trying to attack the girls for “doing their job,” she was confused about the money they were giving her because it didn’t make sense. “I paid my hard-f*cking-earned money for these clothes. You’re telling me you’re not taking them? OK, cool,” she explained. “But the ones that you are taking are worth a lot more. Whatever, I just want the f*cking breakdown.”

To add alleged insult to injury, the worker started writing down the item and money but the manager told her “not to write down the items,” just “the prices.”

@sandyystarr Platos closet is crazy for this wallah. Im not saying in anyway that its the girls who work here but they HAVE TO BE SCAMMING bro. How can you not provide me with a printout invoice of how much ill be making per item ??? The numbers probably did not add up and thats why she was not able to show me. Platos closet genuinely needs to fix their shit. You guys barely give us anything for the clothes you take… you don’t even have the decency to correctly go through our belongings ?? The whole point of this service is to make back money on clothes you basically dont use and are basically brandnew, if your staff isn’t correctly doing their job or this is how they’ve been trained PLATOS CLOSET NEEDS TO DO BETTER. Pissed me off fr. This was the vaughan location, frankly the manager was very much being rude in the beginning. AFTER i started letting her know that nobody was arguing with her, it just DID NOT make sense to me that i was told i am able to get a breakdown of the items im selling, she then provided me with the barcodes and said i could take a picture of it because it shows how much i get and how much they will sell it for. Something just seemed SO freaking off. Even if this shit wasn’t a scam they do not give you yours moneys worth and their managers need proper training so they can better explain and avoid these situations! One word answers and a bunch of i dont knows are CRAZYYYYY !!!😭#fyp #platoscloset #vaughan #thrifting #viral ♬ original sound – 🌟

The Daily Dot reached out to @sandyystarr via TikTok comment and Plato’s Closet via press email regarding the video. The video amassed 1.4 million views as of Sunday, where viewers shared their similar experiences.

“they won’t accept items that I try to sell, THAT I ORIGINALLY BOUGHT FROM THEM,” one viewer shared.

“Yesss I remember I brought a bag full of DESIGNER jeans and ten mins later they told me that they didn’t want them,” a second wrote.

“Omg !!! This happened to me too recently and I was soo upset they didn’t go through my things and didn’t give me my moneys worth,” a third commented.

In a follow-up video, @sandyystarr explained how she posted the video because she needed to know that she “wasn’t crazy.” She didn’t care about the price, rather she felt like “something was off.”

“I asked for the breakdown because something felt off,” she said, “After I asked her multiple times for the breakdown, she could not provide me with the physical breakdown that I could see in front of my eyes.” However, @sandyystarr went to the St. Clair location, where they were able to give her the breakdown with no issues.

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*First Published: Jul 23, 2023, 8:09 am CDT