Man gets hired by Planet Fitness as a trainer. They ask him to clean the toilets on Day 1

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‘They got me messed up’: Man gets hired by Planet Fitness as a trainer. They ask him to clean the toilets on Day 1

‘Stick to your job description.’


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We all expect random tasks on our first day at a new job. Getting someone coffee, filling out paperwork, awkward welcome meetings. But cleaning the toilets? A man revealed how Planet Fitness allegedly asked him to clean the bathroom toilets on his first day despite being hired as a trainer.

“So, it’s my first day working at Planet Fitness. I can tell it ain’t gonna work out,” TikTok user @c0ryhg says, sitting inside a Planet Fitness in a video with over 125,000 views. “I signed up to show people different exercises, something like that. The manager comes up to me and goes, ‘Yo, Cor. I need you to go clean the toilets out,’” he shares. This confused the content creator because that wasn’t what he applied for.

“I signed up for trainer, not janitor,” he says. Since he refused to do it, the manager allegedly informed him of the consequences.

“’Well, I’m sorry Cory. I’m gonna have to write you up and one more, you will be terminated,’” @c0ryhg says the manager told him. However, this didn’t change the content creator’s mind. “‘You can go ahead and terminate me now ’cause I’m not cleaning up no [expletive]” he replies. Then, the video cuts to him walking out of Planet Fitness, flipping them off. “[Expletive] them, bro,” he concludes angrily.

He expressed his frustration in the caption, “Got fired at Planet Fitness They got me messed up‼️”

The Daily Dot reached out to @c0ryhg via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

Was the Planet Fitness trainer serious?

But, was this a real termination or a skit? In @c0ryhg’s bio, he posts “funny skits” and has a montage of Day 1 videos. Thus, there’s a possibility it could be a skit.

Viewers took it literally.


Got fired at Planet Fitness They got me messed up‼️

♬ original sound – C0ryhg

“Speak brother… stick to your job description,” one viewer wrote.

“this exactly why i declined the offer i got from planet fitness,” a second stated.

“And we all know gym bathrooms are the worst bruh,” a third commented.

However, other former and current Planet Fitness workers disagreed.

“Don’t they tell you when you get the job everyone cleans the gym? At my pf everyone cleans even the manager,” one user remarked.

“That’s Planet Fitness The workers clean right along with the cleaning staff. And the music is elevator music,” a second echoed.

Is cleaning a part of the Planet Fitness job description?

According to Planet Fitness’ website, some duties for trainers include helping members with exercises, instructing how to use equipment properly, and cleaning. The website states, “Regular facility cleaning (including restroom and wet area) and upkeep such as mopping up spills under equipment, trash removal, cleaning windows and mirrors, and re-racking weights.”

In this case, it seems like @c0ryhg just didn’t read the job description closely enough.

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