TikToker gets revenge after Target billed her $2.09

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‘How the hell did they bill you??’: TikToker gets petty after Target billed her $2.09

“Naw cause I would send 209 pennies.”


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A trending video by on TikTok appears to show a woman who’s been billed $2.08 by Target getting petty in her remittance.

The 9-second clip has over 578,000 views. In it, Gwen (gweniiebear) shows what looks like a bill regarding a Target debit card transaction. She pulls out her change jar, counts an exact amount in coins, and throws them into the return envelope. She seals it up and tosses the envelope in the mailbox.


They asked for it, I delivered

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“They asked for it, I delivered,” Gwen writes in the caption. While this situation appears to be a joke, it does illustrate a real world problem. It may feel like the business or financial institution sending such a small bill is being petty. Gwen is apparently like many users who would like to somehow return that pettiness in kind.

One commenter wrote, “One time I missed my car note by 0.01! They told me to pay it or I would be sent to collections I mailed a check for 0.01.”

Another commenter questioned, “Wait how the hell did they bill you??,” asked another commenter. Gwen claims not to know for sure; of course, it may not be her actual bill and she’s merely having fun for TikTok.

Others wondered whether sending coins was worthwhile. “most places don’t accept cash so they’d just send you another bill and pocket it, ” wrote one commenter. “I think post office says not to send change,” wrote another user.

Even some others think she needed to turn up the petty another notch. One person quipped, “naw cause I would send 209 pennies.” Another joked, “I would have shown up at Target with a small thing of pennies.” One woman claimed, “The irs billed me for 1.50 and said no cash just a bank slip so I sent it all in Pennies.” 

A possible answer arrived as a comment: “when target has those promos of like buy $40 worth of product and get a $5 gift card… they charge you for the gift card too.”

Target’s credit card policies are a topic of discussion online. One debt settlement worker warns against applying for one of its cards in particular, noting the company’s collections policies. However, Target is also one of 2,000 retailers nationwide urging a Congressional crackdown on credit card fees that the group says are overly burdening consumers.

The Daily Dot contacted bellllaaboo via TikTok comment and Target via email for comment. 

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