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‘I am owed the money that I served’: Perry’s Steakhouse server says restaurant is withholding his final $300 paycheck

‘It is extremely illegal to withhold a paycheck.’


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Fast-talking TikToker Cade Alex (@cadealex) has a bone to pick with the Perry’s Steakhouse he worked four weeks at, claiming the location is withholding his final paycheck.

In a viral TikTok with over 100,000 views, Alex claimed the business was gaslighting him into thinking they remitted his final payment, sending the check via mail. However, three weeks and two days have passed since he went in person to request it and it still hadn’t arrived at his home.

Not knowing how to go about rectifying the situation, Alex aired his grievances on TikTok and asked fellow users just what he should do about his situation.

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A quitting story gone wrong

Alex had shared his saga working—and then quitting-—the steakhouse server job he had for a short time. In his most recent video, he shares how it went sour.

“Just when you think the Steakhouse Chronicles are over some new drama goes down and on today’s drama, there is no paycheck, b*tches,” he says into the camera.

The TikToker explained how after he went for his last paycheck and was told it was “sent in the mail,” he still had yet to receive it.

“They said to me, ‘Your paycheck went out with the mail this morning it should be there within three business days.’ Well, worked there for four weeks and I have three paychecks as we know,” he said.

“They know I know that they don’t ever want my a*s back in that restaurant,” he said. “But b*tch I am owed the money that I worked.”

Alex said it was going to be a “big check” of about $300 because he picked up someone’s shift last minute.

Alex continued his rant, saying, “Whether you like me or not, b*tch, I did earn that money with my work, OK?”

Alex wondered what his next step should be, whether that’s calling corporate or HR or simply calling and asking on Monday morning. However, he said they would probably “play dumb” if he called and asked about his check.

“I know that it’s extremely illegal to withhold a paycheck whether you were terminated or fired or not, it is illegal, in any state, to withhold a final paycheck,” he said. “That’s beyond. That’s dirty. That’s shady, they are playing dirty up in here.”

Viewers give advice

One person said not only was Alex entitled to his paycheck, but he was also going to get paid for every business day that the check was late: “Bestie if it’s been passed the three days and no paycheck they legally have to pay you for every business that you didn’t get paid passed those three days.”

According to Jibble, different states have their own labor laws—there is no Federal provision that states there’s a specific time frame businesses need to use to send an employee’s final paycheck. According to the online resource, folks who find themselves in a position similar to Alex’s should contact the United States Department of Labor or the Wage and Hour Division.

New York City law firm Lipsky Lowe did reference “untimely wage payment” laws in this piece, with a section dedicated to the timeliness of final paychecks: “New York state law regulates the payment of an employee’s final paycheck. Unfortunately, some employers withhold an employee’s last paycheck out of retribution for an employee quitting or simply because the employer doesn’t want to pay. Under New York state law, an employer must provide an employer’s final paycheck on the next scheduled payday when an employer fires an employee or an employee quits a position.”

Another commenter wrote that they decided to take legal action against an employer that was taking too long to give her her last paycheck: “I sued a company for holding my final paycheck. I won.”

Someone else who said they work in Human Resources suggested that Alex contact the Labor Department: “HR here…contact the dept of labor ASAP. Tell them what happened and how much money is owed.”

In a follow-up video, Alex said that someone who claimed to be from Perry’s corporate reached out to him after seeing his video, which garnered attention thanks to the “review bombing” conducted by so many people who presumably saw his clip.

The person said that they were going to look into Cade’s situation if he would implore folks to stop their negative review assault. Alex explained he would tell his followers to stop review-bombing the establishment “if there will be a change” within the workplace.

He then listed all the things the steakhouse was “doing wrong,” to which they replied, “We will see to the changes within the franchise.”

@cadealex Never underestimate the power of the internet!💪🏻🫶🏻#job #jobs #jobsearch #jobtips #jobinterview #jobforme #jobless #minimumwage #serverlife #serverproblems #servertiktok #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Cade Alex

In an email to the Daily Dot, a representative from Perry’s Steakhouse shared the following statement:

“The employment of the individual in question was terminated by Perry’s for cause in early June.  Because he did not come to the restaurant to retrieve his final paychecks (as he had done every week before that), Perry’s mailed these to him at the home address he had previously provided.”

The spokesperson claimed they were not aware Alex had not received his final paycheck.

“If he has in fact not received these, then he should submit a written request for replacement of the two checks so that Perry’s can provide him his wages as promptly as possible, including his verification that the original checks have not been cashed,” they wrote.

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