Marshalls workers criticize customer after she says only male workers are honest about 'checking in the back'

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‘We not lying you’re just lucky’: Marshalls customer on blast after she says only male workers are honest about ‘checking in the back’

'nah bc the female workers literally hoard'


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Posted on Dec 18, 2023   Updated on Dec 17, 2023, 11:20 pm CST

Hello Kitty blankets have recently surged in popularity thanks to a trend on TikTok, causing a shortage in many stores. A seemingly innocuous video of two women in a Marshalls store celebrating that they got their hands on one of the blankets has sparked outrage because of its caption.

The video, posted on Dec. 15 by TikTok user @cm.chantel, shows them filming a Marshalls worker who brought them a Hello Kitty blanket from the storage room.

As the worker hands them the blanket, the TikToker thanks him and proceeds to ask, “You didn’t get the Valentine’s one?” Upon receiving a negative response, the TikToker continues describing the item before asking the worker to “check one more time.”

The video’s controversial caption states, “POV: you ask a GUY worker to check the back BC they’re actually honest LOL.”

The video has since gone viral, accumulating over 1.9 million views, with mixed reactions from its viewers. In the comment section, some users expressed their disappointment with the caption.

“ok but the caption in the beginning?” one commenter wrote.

“that GUY worker was probably gaga over y’all and y’all just taking advantage of it,” a second commenter claimed.

“Non of my coworkers would give 2 sh*ts, male or female,” a third remarked.

“the female employees arent your enemies they want and deserve hello kitty as much as u now they cant put it on hold for u or look in the back for u,” one more added.

However, others expressed similar views as the TikToker, with one saying, “nah bc the female workers literally hoard all the good sh*t by keeping it in the back, like i get every once in a while but they do it all the time.”

“the girls hide it and take it for themselves and when you ask they say ‘oh no we’re out’,” another wrote.

Some commenters pointed out that the worker could get in trouble for getting items out of the storage room and called for the TikToker to delete the video.

@cm.chantel POV: you finally get lucky with a hello kitty blanket 🩷 #marshalls #hellokitty #hellokittyblanket #hellokittyblankethunt #marshallshellokitty #marshallsfinds #POV ♬ original sound – cm.chantel

“nooo be careful this may get him fired, the hk girlies that can’t get their hands on the blankets be RUTHLESS,” one user shared.

Another chimed in, “Delete video! You can get the guy in trouble.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @cm.chantel via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 18, 2023, 4:00 am CST