hand holding Olaplex with caption 'I used this on my hair and then I wiped my hands off with using this rag' (l) rag with caption 'and it literally bleached my rag' (c) hand holding Olaplex with caption 'am I supposed to be putting this on my hair???' (r)

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‘Am I supposed to be putting this on my hair?’: Customer says Olaplex product bleached her towel

'I'm convinced Olaplex ruined my long healthy hair.'


Charlotte Colombo


Posted on Oct 4, 2023

Hair products tend to be pretty powerful, but when it comes to putting something on your scalp, it’s usually good practice to ensure that it isn’t some kind of corrosive bleach. This is why TikToker Moncia (@monicaalebronn) was left shocked when Olaplex-branded hair oil appeared to bleach her grey towel.

“OK, can someone explain this to me?” she asks in the video, showcasing the grey, pink-stained towel. “I used this on my hair, and then I wiped my hands off using this rag. I know I should have washed my hands, […] and it literally bleached my rag. Am I supposed to be putting this on my hair?”

Monica tagged the brand in her caption, asking it to “please explain.”

With 1.5 million views, commenters confirmed that the “target audience [was] reached” with Monia’s video, as a number of them claimed they had similar experiences with the Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil.

“I couldn’t figure out why my grey rags were bleaching out!” one commenter exclaimed.

“I was just talking to my husband about how our grey towels are bleached, and I use this brand!” another added.

“I literally thought I was losing my mind!” A third confessed. “Thought it was from a cleaner. But then started noticing tiny spots on my t-shirts where the end of my hair!”

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Not only does this issue seem widespread among viewers, but several of them also alleged in the comments that they had other issues with the hair brand, claiming the product made their hair “like straw.” One viewer commented that they “lost so much hair” while using Olaplex, while another remarked that they’re “convinced Olaplex ruined [their] long healthy hair.”

Even Olaplex itself seemed perplexed by this product’s supposed reaction to the towel, as it left a comment on Monica’s TikTok saying it had never seen this before. Olaplex also urged the creator to get in touch with its team.

In an update, Monica says that she did get in touch with Olaplex and shares a screenshot of the email it sent her. “They asked for the batch number and the receipt of where I got it from,” Monica says. Monica says the company offered to give her a refund and to send her another bottle of the same product. She says she declined the product, instead asking for the clarifying shampoo. “So we’ll see what they say about that, she says before adding that she is not spending her money on its products in the future.

Olaplex didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot via email, and Monica didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2023, 3:28 pm CDT