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The ‘no meme’ (for when you need help you say ‘no’)

Whether you need to add some snark, some sass, or some emphasis to your negative reaction, a "no" meme always has you covered. 


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Nov 15, 2023   Updated on Nov 16, 2023, 6:51 am CST

Saying “no” to people is a useful skill to have. There are a range of ways to say it, from nicely to forcefully, but arguably the best way to say “no” is with a meme—specifically, a “no meme.”

“No” memes are an incredibly creative, and often humorous way, to deny something. And luckily, the range available allows users to be able to choose one that perfectly encompasses their tone and meaning.

If you need to emphasize your negative response to someone, while also keeping the tension at bay, here’s a list of the best “no” memes to help you get your message across.

No meme: How is it used?

The no meme is a forceful and satisfying way to simply say “no.” It also has an added visual aid to help reinforce your message.

Here are some popular examples.

Using a rage face

This meme uses a rage face to express disapproval of something someone else has said. It is often used as a reaction image as it simply and succinctly delivers the intended message.

The face became popular online in August 2010, spreading from Cheat Engine, an open-source game modifier where it first appeared, to Reddit, to Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

By December 2021, it was widespread and even had an entire Facebook page dedicated to it. Many users uploaded their own versions online, making it hugely popular.

Saying no via the ‘No U’ meme

This meme originated on the Something Awful forums, where users employed it to point out that someone’s comments apply more to themselves than the person they’re directing them to.

This effective method of calling someone a hypocrite takes its cues from playground insults, where a simple “No you,” was an effective way of reversing any insult thrown your way. It quickly became a popular meme used to silence online trolls with a short and sweet shutdown.

The Bugs Bunny ‘no’ meme

A screen grab of Looney Toons character Bugs Bunny captioned with the word “No” is a common online reaction. Although the image of Bugs had been circulating online for a few years, it wasn’t until it was paired with the caption that it became popular.

In 2019, Redditor u/asofi00 posted the earliest known pairing of the image and the caption, receiving 29,800 upvotes in five days, according to Know Your Meme. Its simple message quickly gained traction on the platform and beyond.

When in doubt online, say it with a meme

Whether you need to add some snark, some sass, or some emphasis to your negative reaction, a meme always has you covered. 

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*First Published: Nov 15, 2023, 5:39 pm CST