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‘I have a f*cking TV for a reason’: Customer says Netflix told her to watch on iPhone after anti-password sharing rule finally takes effect

'if I pay for 4 devices, it shouldn't matter where the damn devices are.'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Oct 25, 2023

One woman is calling for a Netflix boycott because of the company’s new password-sharing rules.

In a viral video with over 3.1 million views and 450,000 likes, TikTok user Ktwizz (@trapgodtwizz) called out Netflix after the new rules finally went into effect.

“OK, can we all like boycott Netflix or something?” the TikToker asked in the clip.

She then explained that her father pays for the “family” package offered by the streaming service, which is supposed to allow an entire family access to the platform. However, it appears it only applies to family members who live in the same household.

“I am a part of the family,” the woman explained. “I just don’t live with my dad.”

The TikToker said she contacted customer service to regain full access to the account and spoke to over 10 workers. None were able to help, and they reiterated that she couldn’t use all of the account services because she did not live in the same household as her father.

“You can access it on your phone,” she reported being told.

“I don’t want to watch it on my phone,” the woman shot back. “I have a f*cking TV for a reason.”

Nonetheless, she said Netflix’s employees maintained that she could only use her dad’s family plan if they lived in the same household.

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That’s when Ktwizz argued her belief that Netflix is doing a “cash grab” from “broke college kids” because they are mad that people in different households share passwords.

“I’m just not gonna watch f*cking Netflix anymore,” she said. “I’m not paying for an account when my dad pays for an account that he barely uses.”

In July, USA Today reported that Netflix’s new password-sharing policy took effect on May 23. It was implemented to prevent sharing passwords with anyone outside the “household” of the person who purchased the service. While the change angered some subscribers, the company did report an increase in earnings and subscribers even after the rules were implemented.

In the comments section of Ktwizz’s video, many agreed that the rules were unfair and supported the idea of a boycott.

“No other streaming service I’m aware of does this so Netflix boycott sounds good,” one viewer commented.

“If I pay for 4 devices, it shouldn’t matter where the damn devices are,” another user argued.

“So I can stay on my parents’ insurance until I’m 26, but I have to get my own Netflix when I go to college,” a further said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Netflix via email and Ktwizz via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Oct 25, 2023, 2:09 pm CDT