DoorDash driver says McDonald’s worker refused to complete 13-sandwich order

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‘So you’re gonna refuse your best sale of the night?’: DoorDash driver catches McDonald’s worker refusing her 13-sandwich order

‘I don’t care.’


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A woman posted a viral TikTok after a McDonald’s worker refused to complete a 13-sandwich DoorDash order. Here’s what we know so far about the viral video.

Sarah Conner (@sarah_conner1) has reached over 3 million views on her video. She added an on-screen caption at the start of her video that reads, “McDonald’s manager fired after refusing to make door dash order.” It’s unclear where the video came from as Conner re-uploads similar viral videos from other fast food establishments. It’s also unclear if the McDonald’s worker was actually terminated as a result of the video as its title suggests.

In it, viewers can hear an unknown female DoorDash driver ask a McDonald’s worker at the beginning of her video, “So they told me you’re not making the order because it’s too much food?” You can hear the worker respond, “I ain’t making 13 [expletive] sandwiches with the way tonight’s been going.”

The DoorDasher then told the worker that there were currently only 3 cars in line, and it was 1am. The worker insisted, “Yeah, we’ve been getting slammed all [expletive] night.”

“That doesn’t matter, it’s your job,” the DoorDasher responds. The worker then tells her that he is allowed to “refuse any order.”

“So you’re gonna refuse your best sale of the night?” she asks. “Us DoorDashers, it’s not our fault that you don’t wanna make the order, like we have to make money too,” she continues.

McDonald’s worker vs. DoorDash driver

The worker tells the DoorDasher that the DoorDash customer “should have had a little more consideration” before putting their order in. “It’s supposed to be fast food,” the worker continues, “not feed a family because you’re too lazy to cook.”

She tells the worker, “for all you know they could be sitting there having a party, it’s Memorial Day weekend.” The worker says that if the customer were having a party, that would be “stupidity,” because they did not supply food for the party themselves.

“They ordered McDonald’s…” she responds. “I can wait for you to make that order,” she adds, “if you wanna hold up this line for 20 minutes I don’t care, but I gotta make money too.”

Finally, the worker caves and says, “Fine, I’ll make the [expletive] order, but I’m not gonna guarantee it’s gonna be right.”

Before ending the video, viewers can hear a loud crash directly after the McDonald’s worker told the DoorDasher to pull up and wait for the order. The unknown Dasher then pans her camera to the inside of the McDonald’s and says, “and you just smashed a window…”

A viewer in the comment section warned: “DO NOT GIVE THOSE PEOPLE THAT FOOD! Cancel that order and show them this video, OR tell them to order from a different location. I wouldn’t trust that guy.”

Another said, “Well if that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black…..He’s calling the customer too lazy to cook yet he doesn’t want to make the 13 sandwiches….”

The video is also viral on Reddit, where viewers are likewise unsympathetic to the McDonald’s manager. One writes: “At my McDonald’s we auto accept orders. They literally just pop up on our screens and we make them. I’ve had orders ranging from just sauce to over 20 deluxe quarter pounders. It’s not difficult. It can be frustrating, but not difficult.”

@sarah_conner1 a mcdonalds Manager was fired after refusing to make a large order for doordash on memorial day weekend #doordash #13sandwiches #mcdonalds ♬ original sound – 🩷SarahConner🩷

DoorDash states that sometimes, “a restaurant may refuse to release orders to Dashers. If this happens, we recommend to contact Dasher support for the next steps.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Sarah Conner and McDonald’s via email. 

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