McDonald's worker calls out DoorDash driver who waited 45 minutes for order instead of cancelling it

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‘I’m taking criticism from customers and my bosses’: McDonald’s worker calls out DoorDash driver who waited 45 minutes and demanded 3 free ranches

'As a door dash worker I'm so sorry. I always wait for the worker to ask me before I show my phone.'


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Posted on Jul 4, 2023

A McDonald’s worker has gone viral on TikTok after venting about her stressful night shift at the fast food chain, and a DoorDash driver who made it even worse.

The video was posted by Kai (@kaisbubbletea) on July 1, and has since amassed more than 458,100 views.

In the video, Kai spoke about a difficult shift at work where she had to deal with a constant stream of drive-thru, DoorDash, and walk-in orders, and added that she still hadn’t been properly trained and didn’t speak Spanish, which was the main language of her co-workers and bosses.


Whenever i cry at work its always bc of the mix of criticism from both management/coworkers and customers. “Go faster” bro im trying my best the guy on the drive thru is high as shit and cussing me out bc our ice cream machine isnt working jfc and like i get that i make a lot of mistakes but you dont need to rub in how fucking slow the chinese girl is right in front of me and set expectations without me being fully trained in everything. Idk what Im supposed to know if i dont know it. Fuck i hate existing

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According to Kai, one DoorDash driver decided to wait 45 minutes for his order, even though she gave him a heads up about wait times and warned him he might want to cancel it. When she finally gave him his order, he said the customers asked for three ranch sauces they didn’t pay for.

“I ended up giving it to him and he goes, ‘I waited like 45 minutes, just give me the god damn ranch.’ I wanted to b*tch slap the f*cking glasses off this guy,” she says in the video.

Kai also talked about the difficulty of sticking a balance between keeping the management and the customers happy at the same time, remarking, “Dude, my managers tell me, ‘Don’t fill up the fries too much’ and then the customers complain, ‘Hey, can you fill it up more?’ Like, it’s so hard to please everybody.”

“It’s like, I’m taking criticism from both customers and my bosses,” the TikToker exclaimed.

At the end of her video, the TikToker called for people to be respectful to service workers, especially during busy times. “Nobody wants to work at McDonalds. There’s a reason you’re a Dasher and you’re not working here. I get paid $13.50 an hour. Be nice to your service workers, especially if you know you’re going at a busy time and we’re understaffed,” she concluded.

In the comment section of the video, commenters were quick to relate with Kai and offer words of encouragement.

“thank you so much for your service. fast food workers deserve to be paid more than politicians,” one commenter said.

“you seem great! I’m sorry you had such a shity Friday! They take their jobs too seriously,” a second added.

A third commenter wrote “as a door dash worker i’m so sorry. i always wait for the worker to ask me before I show my phone.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kai via TikTom direct messages and to Mcdonald’s and DoorDash via their press email.

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*First Published: Jul 4, 2023, 6:26 pm CDT