Former McDonalds Chef shares McDonald’s app hack

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‘The greatest McDonald’s hack of all time’: Former McDonald’s Chef shares a cheaper way to order a Big Mac with the mobile app

‘Just checked mine from the other day, and it saved my McDouble as a Mac.’


Amara Thomas


In a viral video, TikToker and former McDonald’s Corporate Chef Mike Haracz breaks down a hack for ordering a “superior” Big Mac on the mobile app. 

Chef Mike Haracz is known for sharing McDonald’s hacks and tips with his 192,100 followers. 

In a previous TikTok video, he shared a “superior” and more economical way to order the Big Mac. The Big Mac is McDonald’s infamous hamburger comprised of two beef patties, one slice of cheese, special sauce, pickles, onion, and shredded lettuce on a three-slice sesame-seed bun.

He instructed viewers to order the McDouble instead, which is almost identical to a Big Mac, with all the same fixings minus the third sesame-seed bun. “It is so much better and cheaper,” he shared, encouraging folks to alter their McDoubles to mimic a Big Mac but at a cheaper price point. 

In the comments, viewers praised his incredible hack, adding their own twist. “I do it every time but I say double cheeseburger but add mac sauce! It’s life-changing,” one suggests. However, some folks ran into issues when trying to order this online through McDonald’s mobile app. 

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One viewer commented on this previous TikTok video with a solution. The viewer shared, “use the app code to place an order. It will be saved in the app and you can reorder anytime. Thank me later!!” 

Chef Mike Haracz praises this suggestion as “the greatest McDonald’s hack of all time,” in this viral video. He breaks down the hack step-by-step on how to order the McDouble like a Big Mac in the mobile app or kiosk.

He instructs them to “go to the window, use the app code to place your order, and it will be saved in the app, and then you can reorder it through the auto-reorder button with all your requests in there.” 

Using his instructions, customers can order “superior” Big Macs every time. In the comments, people share their success stories using the hack. “Just checked mine from the other day, and it saved my McDouble as a Mac,” someone adds.

Some people even use the ordering hack to alter other items on the McDonald’s menu. 

 “I just checked. It works. I like to get my breakfast sandwich with folded egg (I know) and I can use my old order and favorite it with that alteration.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Chef Mike Haracz via email and to McDonald’s via email.

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