Ex-McDonald’s corporate chef calls out bagel breakfast sandwich, shows order hack to make it better

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‘It is far superior’: Ex-McDonald’s corporate chef blasts bagel breakfast sandwich, shows trick order to make better

‘This works and it’s fantastic.’


Alexandra Samuels


A former McDonald’s corporate chef went viral on TikTok after sharing yet another hack—this one focused on one of the food chain’s iconic breakfast sandwiches.

Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz), a former McDonald’s corporate chef, has garnered quite the TikTok following for discussing everything related to the chain. In a recent video, which he posted on June 5, Haracz shared how to make McDonald’s bagel breakfast sandwich even better. As of Sunday evening, his video had amassed more than 76,000 views.

“I’ve heard other people have had success,” he said, “but this is what you’re going to want to do.”

What’s the bagel breakfast sandwich hack?

According to Haracz, customers need to start by ordering the bagel breakfast sandwiches “that are out at a lot of the restaurants.” (The Daily Dot previously reported that the chain brought the sandwich back in select locations in November 2022.)

While the sandwich is good as-is, Haracz conceded, he said it could be made better. The problem with the sandwich, he said, is McDonald’s choice of egg. 

“This egg? Hot garbage,” he said of the one used on the bagel sandwich. “This is their pre-frozen, folded egg.” Haracz said that McDonald’s only microwaves or grills this particular egg. “It is the worst egg that McDonald’s has in the restaurant of all the egg options you could have,” he added.

Instead of getting the sandwich as-is, Haracz suggested that customers ask that McDonald’s employees swap the “hot garbage” folded egg for the scrambled eggs pictured in its Big Breakfast meal. These eggs, Haracz said, are cooked in the restaurant.

“It is [a] liquid egg product that they cook and hold, but it’s more flavorful,” he said. “It’s more tender.”

Haracz said that when customers substitute this egg onto their bagel sandwich, the meal becomes way better.

“It is far superior,” he added. He asked customers to try and hack and let him know their thoughts. 

What do McDonald’s customers make of this hack? 

In the comments section of Haracz video, a few customers said they’ve tried the hack—and liked the results. 

“I did it, they had no problem doing it,” one user said. “It was amazing! No up-charge either.”

“I did this in Fort Worth, TX and it is the best,” another agreed. 

“this works and it’s fantastic,” a third commenter said.

Other McDonald’s customers, meanwhile, said they prefer the chain’s round egg on their sandwiches.

“I do that but with the round egg from the McMuffin,” one viewer wrote. 

“I have always had them substitute ‘round egg’ for years,” another admitted. 

“The round egg is far superior!!!” a third commenter agreed. 

And then there were a handful of customers who thought the bagel sandwich was fine as-is.

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“I actually prefer the pre-folded frozen eggs,” one man wrote. 

“I actually love the folded egg,” another echoed. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Haracz via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s by email. 

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