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‘Now I’m not allowed back into Lowe’s’: Woman issues warning about the Lowe’s paint samples after accidentally committing crime

‘How did you not know?’


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Despite what many think, not all samples are free. A TikToker named Rylee (@ryleeerinn) learned this the hard way while shopping at Lowe’s.

In a video with over 500,000 views, Rylee shares—what she later says was a slightly exaggerated—story about how she discovered she unintentionally stole paint from Lowe’s.

“Thief alert, thief alert,” she starts her video, jokingly referring to herself.

“Did you know that paint samples at Lowe’s are not free? Oh you did? I was the only who didn’t know,” she says.

“So imagine my surprise when I walk out of two separate Lowe’s with three paint samples per Lowe’s and didn’t pay for a thing. And I was wondering why the guy at the front did not smile back at me. It’s because I stole $40 worth of paint samples,” she continues, sarcastically flashing a thumbs up at the camera.

While she relays her story with a smile on her face, Rylee reveals that she’s probably going to have to become a Home Depot girlie from here on out. “Yep, and now I’m not allowed back into Lowe’s,” she says, implying she was banned from the store.

Rylee clarifies that she would have paid for the samples had she known they weren’t free and notes she wasn’t stopped by a worker on her way out the store.

Some viewers defended Rylee in the comments section, agreeing that the word “sample” is usually associated with them being free.

“Yes I knew but to be fair….they are called paint SAMPLES,” one said.

@ryleeerinn WHY DID NO ONE STOP ME I WOULD HAVE PAYED FOR THEMMM Lowe’s pwease dont pwosecute #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #comedy #story #storytime #storytelling #painting #diy #diyproject #satire #satirecomedy ♬ original sound – Rylee!!

In a follow-up, Rylee answers one viewers question. “But the sample cans have a price listed. how did you not know they weren’t free?” the viewer pondered.

She says that when she used to do stand-up comedy, one of her favorite techniques was exaggerated anecdotes, which she clarifies this particular story is.

She clarifies the “samples” she took weren’t the color swatches but actual half-pint paint cans from the store, which are 7.5 fluid ounces.

Rylee also says there wasn’t a price listed on the product, which some viewers in her first video claimed a price tag should’ve been a dead giveaway that they weren’t free. Rylee says the barcode on the cans didn’t give away that they cost money, either, as even the color swatches have barcodes on them.

She says that on a previous visit to Lowe’s, an employee had told her the samples were free.

Rylee says she only found out they weren’t after scanning the reference code (presumably on her phone) to get more information on the paint. She says she then saw online the 7.5 fluid ounce cans retailed for $6.62. The TikToker says she tried to rectify her mistake with the store. She says she called up the store to let them know what she did and plans on returning to the location to pay for the product.

@ryleeerinn Replying to @Angelica Pickles yo I didn’t anticipate all of this but i hope i cleared some things up and answered your question! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #comedy #storytime ♬ original sound – Rylee!!

Commenters, after seeing Rylee’s follow-up, applauded her honesty and willingness to go back to the store and take care of the situation. “Oh my gosh that’s totally an honest mistake and good on you for rectifying the situation. You seem like such a sweet and honest person,” one said.

As it turns out, she wasn’t the only person who thought the in-store paint samples were free. “I dont shop at lowes often, i also thought they had free small samples, at least to like swatch in each room to test w lighting. either way, simple honest mistake that wasnt too hard to correct,” one person penned.

Another person said they thought she was being way too hard on herself. “Nah if an employee said it was free then your fine thats a genuine misunderstanding idk why he would tell you that and not specify that its just for that one time,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lowe’s via email and Rylee via TikTok comment for further information.

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