Christian Louboutin released a Marvel collection.

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‘That looks cheap to me!’: Christian Louboutin released a Marvel collection. Viewers are not having it

'Louboutin X Etsy'


Jack Alban


Posted on Oct 8, 2023

When one thinks of Christian Louboutin shoes, they immediately think of the French fashion designer’s trademark red-bottom heels. The cheapest pair of shoes offered by the brand start at around $500 brand new, but some of their more luxurious offerings can shoot up to $6,000 a pop.

Louboutins have been plugged in numerous popular songs, like Iggy Azalea imploring listeners to “walk a mile in these Louboutins” in her 2014 track “Work,” or Cardi B calling them “bloody shoes” in her track “Bodak Yellow.”

With the high price tag that Louboutins, like many other luxury offerings carry, the question of quality often arises: Is paying for the cost of a used car or a cinema grade video camera with a stalwart lens package really worth it for a pair of shoes?

A number of TikTokers who responded to a recent clip posted by Paul (@redbottombestie) don’t think so after seeing the fashioned-obsessed influencer show off Louboutin’s latest collaboration with Marvel. Yes, the French luxury brand has entered into a licensing deal to present shoes inspired by comic book characters.

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Extricating a pair of shoes from a Louboutin bag, he gushes about the “limited edition” Marvel branded plaque that comes with the purchase—calling this item itself worth the “investment” of buying the shoes. He pulls out a golden sandal looking heel that is decorated with a clear plastic foot cover decorated in various beads as part of Louboutin’s “Imperiuos Rex” ($1,495) offerings. Paul goes on to extol the design of the shoe, calling it a “playful” take on Marvel’s superhero themes blended with Louboutin’s aesthetic.

Next up is the “Infinity” ($1,995) sandals line, which Paul says is probably his favorite item in the Marvel line up. He presents the red shoe, which is decorated with several gem like pieces of plastic that are color-coordinated to match the Infinity stones from the film Avengers: Infinity War.

Third is the “Infinity Clutch” ($3,490) which is a small purse with a chain clutch handle. One side of the bag features a dark, iridescent design, and on the other half of the bag is a scattered assortment of bedazzled, mini pieces of bling. Paul flips out over the aesthetic and says that all of the pieces he has of these bags are already spoken for but he might be able to help folks get their hands on them if they reach out to him.

He also references a $3,495 pair of “Sea Warrior” shoes, along with the $2,295 “Cosmic Boot” along with other Loubotin Marvel offerings for men. You can browse all of Christian Louboutin’s Marvel inspired offerings here. They range in price from $545 to $3,995.

While Paul seemed to be a big fan of the items that came into his store, a number of commenters who saw his video didn’t exactly seem enthused with the Marvel offerings. One user said that while they both loved everything Marvel and Louboutin, they thought these products were awful: “I adore Louboutin. I adore Marvel. I hate alllll of these. Why are they so tacky?!”

Someone else quipped that the products looked like something one could purchase from a less luxurious retailer. “My mom owns all these. Not from Louboutin but from kohls. And we tease her for it,” they wrote.

Another joked that the shoes and bag were giving them “Etsy” vibes: “Louboutin X Etsy.”

One commenter said that had any of these products been made by a brand that didn’t have a reputation for being a high-class brand name reserved for only the rich, they would be considered garish. “This is one of those ‘what’s tacky when you’re poor but cool when you’re rich’ kind of things,” the user wrote.

“Giving shein,” another remarked.

Scrolling through the comments it was difficult to find someone who thought the Louboutin Marvel collaboration offered anything intriguing enough for them to purchase. “They’ll be at Nordstrom Rack 80% off in no time,” predicted one user.

One user summed it up thusly: “What in the flea market.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Louboutin and Paul via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Oct 8, 2023, 7:14 pm CDT