Customer buys Kroger nuggets and compares them to McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

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‘Same exact taste too’: Customer claims Kroger nuggets are the same as McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets

‘I’m convinced these are the exact nuggets McD’s uses!’


Vladimir Supica


Foodies were abuzz this past week after a TikToker who posts under the handle @beckybrownwv uploaded a video claiming a striking similarity between chicken nuggets from Kroger and McDonald’s.

The video, posted on July 24, has since gathered steam, accruing more than 220,000 views and sparking a fresh wave of debates in the process.

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The TikToker made the bold assertion in an onscreen caption that read, “I’m convinced these are the exact nuggets McD’s uses! Found mine at Kroger.”

Supporting the creator’s argument, one user said, “We got these fried them up, told our kids we ordered a McDonald’s 40 pack for the 6 of them, [and] they believed it … [It was] so much cheaper.”

Countering the claim, another TikToker stated, “Definitely not,” but was quick to add that the version from Kroger could be “probably the closest store-bought nuggets you’ll find.”

A third commenter wrote, “Same exact taste too lol.”

“I’ve been saying that they taste like McDonald’s ever since the first time I tried them a few years ago! Air fried works too!” another user added.

One person asked about the best method to make the Kroger nugget dupes.

“How long should I fry it,” read the comment, to which the creator responded with her cooking tips, writing, “Anywhere between 6-8 mins, maybe longer just until they are golden brown and I cut one in half to make sure the chicken was cooked through,165 degrees.”

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are universally loved. Thrillist ranks them at No. 4 of all fast food chicken nuggets. TikTokers seem to agree, purchasing the “dupe” nuggets from Kroger in bulk.

This isn’t the first time TikTok has been obsessed with a fast food dupe. In 2022, a Wingstop manager went viral after uploading a video that detailed how to make their signature ranch sauce at home. Another TikToker, Jordan (@jordan_the_stallion8), has built an entire brand off of sharing fast food recipes.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment for further information about the nuggets, and to McDonald’s and Kroger via press email.

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