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‘This happened to me too’: Woman slams Kristin Ess shampoo after 1 week of use leaves her hair like this

‘I didn’t even realize it was the shampoo until I switched.’


Rachel Cohen


Popular influencers like Ashtin Earle, sister of social media sensation Alix Earle, have promoted the Kristin Ess Hair Softening Shampoo and Conditioner. Earle says her “hair has never felt softer” while she’s been using the product every day. However, some users of Kristin Ess Hair products, likely influenced by Earle, have had a different experience. 

Mandy (@g00ch____), took to TikTok to show what happened to her hair after using the brand. 

In the video, Mandy shows clumps of hair that have fallen out and parts of her scalp that appear to be balding. She says it’s a result of using Kristin Ess Hair products after just one week. Other users in the comments section said they had similar experiences. 

One commenter said, “I’ve been using Kristen Ess for like a year & didn’t even think that could be why I was losing so much hair.” 

Another said, “THIS HAPPENED TO ME! i didn’t even realize it was the shampoo until i switched when i ran out.” 

One viewer wondered if there had been a formula change. “I used kristen ess for years, and I think there’s a formula change or something because it was good and now I have this too,” they said.

Kristin Ess Hair is a luxury hair brand whose variety of hair products have been made popular by social media influencers. In fact, the company was born in 2018 out of a collaboration between influencer Kristin Ess and Target. Its products are now found in additional stores like Walmart and Ulta.

@g00ch____ Its cool i didnt want my hair anway !! #kristenesshair #hairloss #kristenshampo ♬ The Bug Collector – BEN SCOTT

Internet users on other social media platforms have also reported hair loss after using Kristin Ess Hair shampoo. 

As Reddit user u/Somar092 wrote, “My hair fell out instantly in chunks and clumps the moment i used the Kristen Ess Shampoo (zip-up technology) and has extreme daily shedding ever since [Loudly Crying Face Emoji]. I used to have very dark thick virgin hair and now i’m balding !! In a matter of weeks, all i have left is a rat’s tail and an exposed scalp, it is so depressing.” 

But some commenters on Mandy’s post defended the brand.

“That’s insane because my hair REVOLTS if I try to use anything BUT Kristen Ess for the past two years. [Flushed Face Emoji],” one user wrote. 

Someone else commented, “I switched to Kristin ess after losing hair from using native and it made my hair feel so much better, I’m so sorry it had the opposite effect for you.” 

Why might Kristin Ess Hair cause hair loss in some customers?

Everyone’s hair is different and therefore will react to products differently. However, reports have found that certain chemicals in popular shampoo and conditioner products can result in hair loss. Some of the most common ingredients are sulfates, according to VeryWell Health.

Sulfates can strip the scalp of natural protective oils, which can leave hair dry and brittle and, in turn, contribute to breakage that appears as hair loss, per Healthline. The two most common sulfates are sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium laureth sulfates, both of which are found in Kristin Ess Hair Clarifying Shampoo. The company’s Signature Shampoo, however, is sulfate-free.

Another chemical that contributes to hair loss from shampoos is sodium chloride (also known as table salt), according to non-profit organization International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. While salt is used as a thickening agent in some products, including Kristin Ess Hair’s Clarifying Shampoo, it can also strip your scalp of natural oils, which similarly contributes to breakage and hair loss.

However, shampoo isn’t the only thing that can contribute to hair loss. Other habits of daily life can cause it as well. Both repeated trauma to your hair, like over-brushing or using heat, (trichorrhexis nodosa), and emotional or physiological stress (telogen effluvium) can result in hair loss.

VeryWell Health also reports that certain autoimmune conditions can cause hair loss.

Viewers prefer drugstore products to luxury shampoo brands

On social media, several users said they’re returning to cheaper products over salon-grade shampoos like Kristin Ess Hair. 

On Mandy’s video, one viewer commented, “After years of trying so many different ‘high quality’ or ‘salon quality’ products, I ended up going back to suave. My hair hasn’t been this healthy in years.” 

Another user wrote, “[Not gonna lie] pantene saved my hair.” 

The Daily Dot reached out to Mandy via TikTok direct message and Kristin Ess Hair via email.

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