Krispy Kreme customer after worker cracks her phone in drive-thru

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‘We aren’t allowed to grab phones for this reason’: Krispy Kreme customer cries after worker cracks her phone in drive-thru

‘we aren’t allow to grab phones for this reason’


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A Krispy Kreme customer was distressed after a drive-thru worker accidentally dropped her phone on the ground, which resulted in the screen cracking.

The eight-second video features TikTok user Skyla (@urfavhaolee), who sat in her car looking sad. “The Krispy Kreme worker dropped my phone on the ground and cracked it,” she wrote in the text overlay. Skyla then placed her hand on her face as she cried. “And I said, it was ‘OK,’” she said.

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The video garnered more than 47,000 views as of Oct. 14. In the comments, viewers offered her potential solutions to the problem.

“Girl go back and say it was in fact not okay. Respectfully, sorry, please understand lol. I’m such a people pleaser I feel this on a personal level,” one viewer wrote.

“You could call the manager and say the store needs to pay for it. She might get [written] up but at least you won’t be screwed,” a second suggested.

“Girl go report [that] … stuff is too expensive these days,” a third urged.

Furthermore, Skyla revealed how this happened. “I was using Tap in the drive [thru],” she wrote in the comments. To make matters worse, she was “too scared” to do anything to confront the company about the cracked phone.

Other users who work drive-thru claimed this is the reason why they’re not allowed to hold customer’s phones.

“i work for sbux and we aren’t allow to grab phones for this reason,” one user stated.

“This is why my job doesn’t allow us to hold customers phones,” a second echoed.

Are workers liable for breaking a customer’s phone? “If a worker causes injury to a third party, they can sue the firm under negligent entrustment laws if they show the organization should not have entrusted the property to them. The key issue regarding employee negligence is whether harm was foreseeable as it relates to the worker’s scope of employment,“ per Schultz Legal.

Moreover, federal law doesn’t explicitly state if companies can punish employees for damaging a customer’s phone. According to, state law varies: “Whether you can withhold pay for the cost of shortage or breakage really depends on which state you’re in. California, for example, is on the strict “no” end of this kind of law; the state’s Labor Code forbids employers from docking an employee’s pay because of a shortage or breakage.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Skyla via TikTok comment and Krispy Kreme via press email for comment.

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